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2020 Has Been Hard

We’re trying to be a bit more honest. More real. It’s a fine balance between complaining and talking about real issues that normally get swept under the rug. 

Let us know if this is too much. Promise not every episode will be like this!


November 18, 2020

It has been a tough year. So happy to see your shares of the cruising grounds i grew up in. Nobody youtubes about bc cruising. Most of my sailing for the past 15 years has been mid lattitude. So nice to see stuart island and the yuculta rapids etc again. It must have been a peaceful summer in your little walnut shell with a mast stuck in iy.
Thanks for the memories.. ha just re watching your big bay area spots. I almost died and almost killed my brother too their showing off in my 14 ft rib In devils hole .
Thanks again. For the memories of desolation and places north..
Love your vlogs pretty down to earth. Canadian style..


November 3, 2020

We feel ya. Stuck in Langkawi but thinking of sailing east back to Canada soon. Uphill but options are slim. Thanks for showing us the west coast. Look forward to cruising at home.


Sarah Hayes
November 3, 2020

Real is good. Things can be hard and there can still be happy moments, and things can be happy and still be hard. Life is duality—the best we can do is try to balance it all! Flowers need both rain and sun, after all… So glad you are still playing on the water, even if it looks different. And so glad you are still making videos! Much love and wishes for smooth sailing (with just enough adventure)! xo Sarah


Laurence Boyett
November 2, 2020

Hang in there folks. We’re sending good vibes from Belfast, Maine. Wishing you the best to find your way to warmer waters.


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