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Hello! We are alive! Finally a new video. We are back and in action after a minor boat refit down here in New Zealand.

In this epic video as we check out of Tonga and hit the high seas for our much anticipated passage to New Zealand. We had a hilarious run-around just trying to check out of Tonga. But we finally nailed it and were happily let out of the country!

The weather window was short with ever increasing winds and waves. We needed to get going ASAP. With a short stay at Minerva and a bucket list item checked off, when we took a left turn out of the atoll and pointed our bow towards New Zealand.

The weather allowed for a rum line passage with a northeaster pushing us the whole way. A short passage for us but what can be, and has been for many, an arduous multi week slog.

And wow what a weather window it was… QUICK WET BOUNCY AND FAST. Ahem well yeah your mind could go to the gutter with that description, but we broke records on our speedy little Nahoa. 200 nautical miles in one day. An average over 8 knots and did I mention the crazy most uncomfortable motion and loud creaky banging passage ever? Although it was awful, cold, uncomfortable we finally made it into the Bay of islands on a dark blustery day. Tied up to the quarantine dock we popped the champagne and had a blissful night in the calm waters of the Marina. And believe it or not, they let us in the country! (with only minor confiscations of seeds and bear spray) Customs welcomed with warm arms! What a day. What a week.

With the bikinis put away we bundle up in the nights. Thankfully we didn’t toss that down duvet we thought we’d never ever need again. Stay tuned as we freeze our bottoms around the northern tip of New Zealand!


Douglas Van Dyk
April 3, 2018

You utube video are great I’m mesmerized by your adventures


Nancy Novak
March 31, 2018

You two Rock!! Great video. Land-Ho and congrats on your Fast passage to NZ. Pie, Lobsters, 200 mile day and lots of smiles. Inspiration to us all. Nice laundry finale, too!
SV Shindig, Captain Coconut and Admiral Nancy


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