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After a great night at the Powel River marina we headed out to, what we thought, was a decent haul up to Desolation Sound. We were cruising along, poking our head into a couple little coves when we suddenly rounded a corner and all of a sudden a mother Orca with her child surfaced in front of us. Little did we know we were already in Desolation Sound. This was a pretty awesome welcoming committee.

This place is pretty amazing. Waterfalls into the ocean, jelly fish filled coves, lakes, and water temperature that is similar to Hawaii.

We attempted another barbeque session tonight. We have a real mount and a proper fishing rod holder. Turns out this is the key to not having grease drip down the side of your boat and not to mention, prevents half your dinner from falling into the ocean.

I’m writing this while sitting on the back of the boat watching hundreds of jellyfish drift by. Amazing! We’re currently in Von Donop Cove. It is a long narrow entry, ending in a few bays.



Earlier in the day we stopped by Cassell Falls. Another amazing place where a lake above, which we also swam in, empties into the ocean. This place was so peaceful we were able to tie up along side the rocks, have lunch and a few beers. We were able to actually climb up underneath the falls and hang out in a little alcove where there was a ledge to sit on. Movie material!






Tomorrow we’re off to Toba Inlet. Apparently this is the Place for waterfalls. Soo looking forward to this!






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