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Toba Inlet

Toba Inlet – A long desolate fjord that goes on and on. Filled with turquose water and banked by extremely steep cliffs on either side. There are numerous water falls all of which are dried up at this time of year. We managed to stumble across one which was minor but impressive. It looked deceiving because from a distance it looked tame but in actuality there was tons of water comming off of this thing that could easily fill our boat within seconds. The power was immense; You could just feel the current, waves and wind it was producing. In general, Toba Inlet is pretty much deserted. I think we saw two or maybe three boats. Its wilderness at its best; water falls, turquose water and steep cliffs.

Most people get up at first light and explore the length of Toba. Not us. We don’t have the fuel range to get to the end let alone half way. We ended up turning around when our fuel tank hit half empty. We made it back to the gas dock with fumes in the tank.

We’re currently anchored with stern line in Rosco Bay. We arrived fairly late at high tide. Apparently the entrance dries up completely and you can walk across it at low tide. This means we won’t be able to leave until tomorrow afternoon. Thats not a problem because there’s plenty to do. At the head of this bay is a trail that leads to a lake. We’ll be having our 2-day shower and bath there tomorrow morning. Ashley hasn’t put on makeup since day one. I have only shaved once and washed with soap maybe twice. We’re in desperate need for some fresh water, soap and shampoo!

Some pics of the day below…

Good Night,





Some abandoned logging shack

In the most remote area of Desolation Sound our Bilge pump decided to act up. It thought it might as well just stay forever. My solution: Disable it. So far so good 🙂


I think if we’d been here a couple weeks earlier this place would have been overrun with waterfalls. We saw many of these dried up waterfalls.













This waterfall would throw off sheets of water which were hugely powerful.



Back at anchor out of Toba Inlet. Stern tied and drinking wine. What more can you ask for?






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