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a Clash of Two Cultures

Gilli Air may be one of the trendiest islands in Indonesia. Unlike Bali, this little place is home to zero cars. The only method of transport is horse drawn carriage or pedal bike. It makes for a really unique experience. When you hear the jingling of horse bells, you learn pretty quick to move over as these guys move fast!

With our immediate boat tasks complete we set sail for Borneo in next weeks video. Home to one of the last wild Orangutans. Along the way we dodge an incredible number of fishing boats. Stay tuned. It should be an interesting one!

Happy New Year!  
With Love,

Ben & Ash

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Kelvin Finch
January 13, 2020

I discovered your vlog today and I’ve watched serveral videos. What video did you post after the accident. I thought you guys were done after running aground, but Im seeing more videos. When did you get back on track?


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