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A Rare Glimpse into a Tribe from Vanuatu – Adventure 47

We’re back! We may have found the only remaining spot on earth that does not have cell coverage! We have been travelling thru Papua New Guinea and just pulled into Port Moresby (possibly the most dangerous city in the world). Enjoy this little edit from Vanuatu and apologies for the delay!

Exploring Central Vanuatu was beyond our expectations. We strolled along coastal roads in Epi, made fast friends with the locals and visited deserted islands in Malekula and for the pinnacle, attended the “Back to Our Roots” festival on Ambrym.

The festival is put on for the villagers to help preserve their traditions. All ages participate. It was scripted but felt very real. From the incredible custom dress, to the very beginning where tradition has it that a pig is sacrificed for the sacred Nakimal (house of worship) to the mind numbing rhythmic dancing and chanting. We were thrilled to be invited. For 3 days we witnessed everything from the Yam dance to a circumcision dance and for the pinnacle, the Rom dance.

It was an experience we will never forget. It is an experience we are so stoked to be able to share with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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August 23, 2019

Smiles, generosity, kindness, hospitality,respect,culture, human relations, makes this video excellent.


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