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The Ambassador in Paradise

We’re on the move again. This time to the Spider House. Ashley is hesitant, I am excited. The place only has 3 walls! How can you possibly go wrong?  We will update in short order, but first a review of The Ambassador in Paradise Hotel.



As I mentioned earlier, we stumbled into this place after checking out early from the Boracay Beach Club. We had a really hard time finding a place online. I found there was no definitive source online. There’s Tripadvisor, but I’m wondering how Boracay Beach Club was ranked so high considering it was dingy and not beach front.


I would highly recommend the Ambassador In Paradise to anyone coming to Boracay for a vacation.


Things we loved:

  • 1. The view from our Hotel. My lovely wife insisted we get a ocean view room. We were not dissapointed.
  • 2. Balconies on every unit. I can’t stress this enough as a must in Boracay. When it rains, it pours here. Having a covered balcony is lovely.
  • 3. The staff are awesome. Not a single complaint.
  • 4. The restaurant. Tasty and a terrific idyllic atmosphere.


Things we didn’t like:

  • 1. The one rule they have: It is strictly prohibited to bring food or drink from outside the resort onto the premises. This includes bottled water. We were never harassed although we tried to be discrete about it. We understand why they have the rule – to make more money on food and beverage sales. Our opinion: State the rule once at check-in, then don’t ever mention it again.

Some pics of this lovely place….































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