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Animals Waiting for Wind

Setting: Cabarete, Dominical Republic. Kite Beach.

Mood: Chilled. With anticipation.

Kiteboarders: A herd of animals.

The herd replays the same conversations in their head. “Is it windy enough?” “Is it 14 meter weather?” “Maybe it’ll pick up. Rig small now. Stay out longer once it cranks.”  It’s an overly optimistic bunch. Then, one animal pulls the trigger. Out comes a 14 meter kite. The herd follows. Suddenly there is a lineup to the compressed air hose. All waiting to inflate their kites. Some can’t wait and take matters into their own hands. Manual pumps come out. Space is quickly dwindling on the beach. Lines over top of each other. One girl attempts a launch. No luck. The kite falls out of the sky. She tries again. The herd watches with anticipation. Finally the lone animal gives up. Temporarily. But the herd doesn’t learn. They are in denial. “Must be the animal.” The next guy launches. Different kite. Longer lines. Bigger board. He manages to keep his kite in the air. He loops and dives it as it’s about to stall. The herd anxiously watches as he completes his first power strokes in an attempt to get on a plane. Downwind he goes. His kite falls out of the sky. The herd relinquishes back to the stands. “Maybe it’s time for a rum punch.” The herd watches from shore. The next gust of wind comes in. “Who’s going to be the next guniea pig?” No one attempts to launch again. The herd has unconsciously made a decision it’s not windy enough. Kites get deflated. Lines get put away.

And so it goes here in the Domican Republic. Waiting on wind…













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