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the Biggest Boat Job Yet..

It’s a bit crazy over here. Every single second is going into getting Nahoa ready to splash. From sunrise to well past sunset we spend our days in the boatyard. A short glimpse of the many projects:

See You in Thailand!

We are packing and getting ready to take that momentous flight to Thailand. Next time you’ll hear from us will be from Quarantine. Ben, Ash, Willa.

the END of a Chapter

This is the last of the tiny boat videos. We are all caught up and whatever comes next is real-time. We’re not sure yet what it’ll be. Stay tuned!

We used to be Lumberjacks

We used to be full-on, chainsaw yielding lumberjacks. Miss those days.

Cruising West Coast Style

This is west coast of Canada. Fog. Logs and rain! Come for a ride in our childhood stomping grounds.

2020 Has Been Hard

We’re trying to be a bit more honest. More real. It’s a fine balance between complaining and talking about real issues that normally get swept under the rug.  Let us know if this is too much. Promise not every episode will be like this!

Checking an Abandoned Boat

A little early for Halloween but…. BOO!

Adventures on a Micro Yacht

New Video is up and we’re back on the Micro Yacht. Follow along as we cruise north with this tiny boat for the next couple months.

This 1972 Trailer is Our other Home.

This 1972 Trailer is Our other Home.

Change Brings Opportunities…

How we frame any situation is so important. With Change comes new Opportunities. They’re literally everywhere!

$4,000 Live Aboard Sailboat TOUR

How small do You think you can go? Can you do 22 feet? If not, what’s the minimum?

the REALITY of moving aboard a TINY BOAT

Perhaps the biggest lesson we’re learning is that if a boat hasn’t been used for years, there is so much stuff that seizes, breaks and corrodes. But it’s coming together. Slowly but surely!


Dude. This boat is TINY!

We’re Stuck!

Now what? We’re stuck in Canada. No boat. No content. Time to figure something out….

we had a BABY during COVID…

It’s pretty incredible creating a little human. One can’t explain it until you go thru it. Having a child changes you…for the better. The past few years have been quite the ride and it’s just going to get wilder as we embark on a 20 (?) year voyage of raising a little human as we […]

The World We Live In

We’ll let the video do the talking.

How To Stop Your Boat from Sinking

We have seen our share of wrecks and mishaps. It’s sad and heartbreaking every time we stumble across one of these. It’s the end to someones dream. Could it have been prevented? Probably. Are we immune to these mistakes. Definitely not. We thought it might be helpful to share what we carry on board for […]

Change is Hard, Donkey

This is it folks. We Haul Nahoa out of the water. Next week we start getting her ready for the Indian ocean and the new crew mate. Turns out we filmed a lot while sailing in SE Asia. More so than we thought. Soon we’ll be near real-time. Maybe in a few more episodes. Enjoy […]

The End of an Era

It’s kind of bizarre how this pandemic played out. The Indian Ocean sailing season starts in February (when Willa was born) and ends in October (when we are planning to return to Nahoa).  We couldn’t have planned it better. That said, who knows if borders will reopen but so far all of the Indian Ocean […]

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