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Avoid this HONEY SCAM!

Going for a simple walk in a rural town or countryside may be one of our favourite activities. All it takes is a little bit of curiosity and you have a mini adventure unfolding in front of you. The honey scam happens all over the world. Syrup, alcohol or water is added to pure honey to make it go further so that they can sell more bottles. Often it is sold refrigerated to make it less runny and to lessen the smell of fermentation. It’s a simple trick that we’ve fallen for twice!


December 3, 2019

Dear sailors. I have been watching you long time. Here from Israel. Thank you.
About the honey scam. Never bye honey from bottle because pure honey after awhile become solid. There is enzyme ? which make the honey solid. Most of marketers boils the honey above 70 degrees Celsius and burn the enzyme. And it becomes liquid al the time. very bad and without mineral
You can never know which is pure unless you take it to laboratory (I take mine in germany for my license )
I am a beekeeper myself for four generations.
Thank you. Love your humor
Be safe.


Pat Otenbaker
November 30, 2019

Hey guys we love your adventure. I’m trying to buy my wife a shirt from your store for Christmas on my I phone. After putting it in the cart I can’t get to where you pay for it. Thanks Pat from Michigan . [email protected]


Jeff Windrim
November 29, 2019

I have watched many of if not all your videos more then once. I really find your videos interesting and at the same time inspirational. I hope to one day buy a sailboat and follow in your footsteps. I think it’s awesome what the two of you are doing please keep the videos coming. Safe passage to your next destination and beyond.



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