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Back at Work

We’re back at work, slaving away but looking forward to this coming weekend of freedom. We’ll be off to Keats Island on the Sunshine coast again. Likely we’ll stay all week and work from the cabin. We tested our location-independence last year and found tethering via our iPhone works great. I originally tried an external wifi antenna for my laptop but unfortunately I couldn’t get a reliable, free signal. In the end, I broke down and bought an iPhone. Considering I develop iPhone apps, it was long overdue. I forward my home phone to my cell phone and my boss is none the wiser.

We spent our last day on Hornby working off a hangover, and trying to relax as best we can. We have a pretty hard time relaxing or sitting still. Its definitely a skill that takes a lot of practice especially after working like crazy all week long.

Brigantine Crescent, Hornby Island


Brigantine Crescent, Hornby


Yoga on Hornby Island


Yoga Fierce Pose, HOrnby Island



Meadery on Hornby


Hornby Island Meadery




Vancouver Island


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