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Basic Offshore Sailing 2

We thought we’d share another sampling of what life is like out here. This one contains a bit of running from cyclones, Satellite connectivity and Fuel management. When you see this we will likely have just crossed north of the equator as we sail to Palau.

We would love to hear your questions in the comments below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we find internet!

Fuel Burn Spreadsheet is here:


Tim Wood
February 21, 2019

This second basic offhoore was as good as the first. Thanks again for uploading it. Hope you avoided the cyclone; and the recent one OMA (Feb 2019)


December 7, 2018

Hey can I email you with questions? I’d like to do what you do. I believe I’d be very close to your sailing as far as skill, destinations, costs, catamaran size and age.


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