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Bat Soup and Other Crazy Food we’ve Eaten

Ok, so things are getting weirder the further we travel. In this past year we have had some pretty crazy foods including Bat Soup, Turtle Intestines in blood as well as Sea Cucumber. Not to mention the Balot we eat at the end of this video. The crazy thing is that nothing was really ever that offensive. The sea cucumber probably took the cake in terms of least tasty, most nasty.


Randy and Lisa Strunk
April 14, 2019

Where do you find all of your great music for your films?


Randy and Lisa Strunk
April 13, 2019

Lisa and I are headed to the BVI in June to sail our first Catamaran, thanks for all of your tips and recommendations in your video, we are now stoked! So much fun following your awesome adventure!

I am an amateur photographer so learning from your videos, getting ready to start drone flying.


April 11, 2019

Hello Ash. Is it possible that we can get in touch via e-mail. My wife and I would love to join you on a leg of your journey. Please pop us a mail at [email protected]. Dirk 36 and Anina 26


Alex and Caryl Joyce
April 10, 2019

I’ve watched a couple of your videos and it’s great to be reminded of our trip – Southampton – Southampton via NZ (2001-2005). Loved the top 10 spots in the Pacific. I quite agree! Didn’t go to all of those – next time. Would add Nuie and Lord Howe (although that’s in the Tasman Sea) was quite magical.
We were ready to get off the boat when we finished but now getting itchy feet again – you’re helping!
Maybe see you on the water.


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