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Kite Boarding on Boracay

Boracay Island has two sides; A windward side and a leeward side. The leeward is party central with tons of restaurants, massages, shops etc. The windward side is dedicated to Kite Surfing and has the exact opposite vibe; Relaxed and Chilled. Quite lovely really. We ventured over to Bulabog Beach, the Kite Surfing beach, the other day and were stunned by the number of Kites out on the water. I counted upwards of 80 Kite Surfers all competing for space.

It didn’t take long for us to get curious and ask about lessons. There’s about five or so schools that offer lessons. We talked to them all and settled on the most relaxed school with local, Philippine teachers, called Timog. We were really happy with this decision. They were professional and knew what they were doing. I even ripped a kite and they just told me It’s normal and not to worry about it.

Day 1

Showed up at 8am and got suited up with helmets, booties and a life jacket. First the tiny trainer kite. Then a bigger kite. I can’t emphasize how hugely power these kites are. Ash was lifted out of the water about 10 feet at one point. Either I’m more in control or just fatter because I never got airborne. But we’re both getting the hang of it. We can now launch, body drag up wind and down. It was hugely intimidating at first, but with each step it gets easier and less scary. Tomorrow we get the actual board. Looking forward to that!







Did I mention this beach is really chill?









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