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Beginner Kite Boarding on Bulabog Beach, Boracay

This is an amazing sport really. All of your equipment could fit into a suite case. Unlike Sailing or Windsurfing which has huge sails, big surfboards that don’t generally transport well. All you need is a small beach, about 10 – 15 knots of wind and you’re good to go. You can easily bring the board and kite with you in the airplane.


 Day 2

So our first day  was comprised of an introduction to kite boarding, safety and handling the kite. Second day built on that with a bit of a refresher such as going upwind without your board and body dragging. Finally, at the end of day 2 we got handed a board and were taught how to get up. This ended up in both of us getting on the board, going 10 meters and having a spectacular crash. I don’t think I’ve swallowed this much water since I was 5 and learning how to swim. I’m still dripping from the mouth, nose and ears. Tomorrow we get 2 more hours and will be again, getting up on the board.


Day 3

Wow! Amazing. Started the day with lessons and then back to trying to kite surf with the board. Again, spectacular crashes. But then something clicked for me. I was off! Riding back and forth, controlling my kite and trying not to crash too often. It’s been an amazing day. We are both extremely sore. Every single muscle in our body hurts. My hands are raw as well as my knees from skimming across coral.


Was it worth it? Would we do it again? Hell Yes!

















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