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Best Kiteboarding

Another successful weekend learning to kiteboard at the best kiteboarding location. I was out on the water for  a few hours and it seemed like just 30 minutes. You get in this zone while out on the water. It’s awesome. Sounds corny but wind and water hitting your face, surfing the occasional wave and a constant battle to control this monster kite you’re attached to is exhilarating. And it’s not just a fleeting moment. Oh No. It’s hours of endless adrenaline and pure fun until your body can’t take it anymore.


I’ve mastered the upwind and am working on my toe side gybe. For those that aren’t sailors, a gybe is essentially when you switch directions. You do a 180 degree turn. This is not so easy when you have to steer a kite plus figure out what to do with your board and watch out for other kiters.


But I must say life is 10x better when together with your spouse. Everything is so much more rewarding. It’s so much better sharing experiences with others close to you. Wish Ashley was here.


I had Grimby again for the weekend. He took to the whole outdoor sleeping arrangement remarkably well. It wasn’t before long until he was under my sleeping bag tho. I’d tried to set him up on his own bed beside my air mattress. But what the hell, it was lonely and we both needed warmth.


I’m writing this as I’m laying in a tent in the middle of a forest on the west coast. You feel really vulnerable yet at peace. It’s pretty darn unlikely but there are black bears and cougars likely not far off. It really makes you feel alive in a good way. Best part about this place is the lack of Internet nor cell phone. It’s a true vacation from civilization and technology.  You get back and it feels like you’ve been cleansed.












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