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Day 1, 2. Galapagos to Marquesas

By Ash: Anticipation and excitement and quite a bit of frustration lead up to our departure. We were desperately trying to upload a video to youtube and finish up a few tasks that we had left to the last minute… you know bond letters for entering french Polynesia and boat insurance… no biggy.
Well we finally nailed everything at about 1230 on Wednesday April 25th a whole 24 hours after we had hoped to leave. But we were finally ready and with one last ice cream tucked into my belly we rushed back to the boat to prep for leaving. We have been travelling with another Canadian boat called SO WHAT since Cartagena. I know. Unfortunate name. So what? Once again we were going to set off with them. Now normally we are pretty ready to go, but that extra day in San Cristobal, Galapagos did our bottom in. I jumped in and panicked. The bottom is not normally my domain, but our water line had grown hair in the 3 short days since Ben last cleaned it last. My competitiveness kicked in and if we were going to be fast we needed to get that shit off! And so in I went and off it came. I am pretty sure Ben was shocked I was actually doing this, but this minor job seemed like a necessity…
With the anchor up we set sail into a beautiful afternoon and celebrated our minor victory of finally leaving. So excited to be on our way again!!! A few beers and white wines later we were cut off from booze for the rest of the trip.
Ok… so about 30 min out of the harbor and things are all settled in, now to the important things. The last few hours of internet we will see for who knows how long! It is truly amazing how far that cell signal carries.
Sea Sickness did not escape me this first day either and a few hours in I was crazy nauseous. This seems to be the norm for me now. It takes a few days for things to equalize for me and to get used to the motion. My current solution is SeaBands. (They’re these acupressure bands you wear on your wrist). I think they work. I also think its better when I dont read, or write on the computer, or try and cook or… do anything…
Day 2: By Ash: Well the dawn brought a grey and dreary day with little wind and a nice size swell. Spirits or rather my spirit is a bit low. Sea sickness is still harassing me and I am just ick. Ben on the other hand is mister cheer meister and hell yeah he caught a fish (probably what did it)! So sea sickness be damned sushi for lunch. I refused to cook or move or pretty much function so Master Chef, Fish Slayer and Captain Ben, whipped together an amazing plater of yellow fin tuna sushi. Yellowfin tuna is now officially my favorite tuna to date. Grilled Yellowfin steaks for dinner only managed to seal the deal!
We are staying in touch with SO WHAT, our pals on another boat, but we are barely keeping up today. They are sailing a Nautitech 40 and we have a Lagoon 41. Now these boats are basically the same length, are both catamarans, but yeah they are not the same. We have a winnebago and they have a streamlined faster skinier winnebago. When the wind is light, they move. We do not. No matter what, we could not catch them… until we turned on our motor. Luckily the wind completely died and we made up a little ground overnight. I was worried we would be out of radio contact and worse we would arrive in Marquesas weeks later… yeah I know I like to jump to conclusions.
I will not be sad to see day 2 go. The one redeeming fact about day 2 is that I just picked up the last season of Game of Thrones from boat friends. Yup, seriously bingin.

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