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Day 3. Galapagos to Marquesas

Day 3: By Ash: Settling in. Yup, we are settling in. I am not so sea sick and finally am getting into the swing of things. Fish are being caught and we have a beautiful red footed boobie hanging out with us for entertainment. His name is boobie Bill and he is beautiful. The wind filled in and we are finally moving fast and yeah it just hit me. HOLY SHIT I THINK WE HAVE 18 MORE DAYS TO GO. EIGHTEEN DAYS is a very long time. I only have 7 more game of thrones episodes. What the hell are we going to do out here!?
PS. As a side note, the human fruit hammock didn’t work out. After purchasing a wallop of fresh fruit and placing it into a hammock in the cockpit, we have now melted cantaloupe, papaya and banana that I had to spend the morning salvaging. This is my first ever attempt at using a hammock for fruit storage and so far, not so good :(. Unfortunately I think that we maybe had too much in there and it got squashed swinging around hanging from the roof. I hope the harder stuff like the pumpkin/squash and the watermelon fare better. Time will tell.
By Ben: Fresh sushi yesterday. Fresh sushi today. It just doesn’t stop. The months long bad fishing streak ended yesterday morn when we hooked into a small yellowfin tuna. Our first might I say. And the best eating Tuna we have ever had. Within a few hours found itself into chef Ben’s first ever Sushi rolls. Today, we thought the luck may have run out. But nooo, at about noon, right after Ashley had ordered another round of Sushi, While she went down for a nap, a nice Mahi Mahi decided to join us on the port lines.
We may have this living off the ocean dialed in; Just put in your order an hour prior with the captain and magically fresh fish will be on the table a couple hours later. Ok, I will admit one of my fishing tricks. WD-40. Yep. It works like a hot damn. Soak the lure with WD-40 and you’ll be in the fighting chair within the hour. (This hypothesis was officially confirmed with statistically valid sample set).
About that red footed boobie (bird). After about 12 hour of riding on our bow, I discovered a mountain of kakalaka underneath him. Such a rude house guest. I give you shelter and you poop in my living room. Without much ado, this dude was shooed off while I was left to shovel away the kaka.

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Janice Hansen
April 29, 2017

Save Boobie Bill! We are with your mom. So lovely to get messages from you from the open ocean! Wishing you continued strong winds and good fishing!


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