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Day 5: Food Obsessions Continue

Conditions: A mild 8 to 12 knots during the day. A gentle 2 meter swell is lifting us up ever so gently and then dropping us back down. Ramping up slightly to 11 to 15 knots of wind during the night. Persons aboard: Still two. Fish count: Zero. Not even a bite. A sad sad day.
(Ben) I come on deck after a decent sleep and am aghast. An empty Nutella container is rolling about on the counter. About those specific treats we each picked out in Panama. Nutella is mine. I can’t believe it. She has crossed the line. And worse yet, she is unwilling to plead guilty. On top of that, I saw her re-hiding her stash of Ecuadorian chocolate yesterday. Like a dog digging in a bone from one hole to the next.
After the Nutella drama has faded, this mornings conversation; “I could really do some Micky Ds right now. What would you get?” “Oh man. The usual… Two cheese burgers, large fry and a quarter pounder. You?” “Definitely the fries plus a chicken burger.”
Our buddy boat SO WHAT had a bit of drama overnight after their reefing line broke taking down their lazy jacks. Long story short, Greg had to go up the mast in a 2 meter swell. Bouncing all over the place. Not an easy feat. They’re all fixed up now and sailing alongside again. It still amazes me that these two boats are so evenly matched. Five days in and we’re still within spitting distance of our friends. Today we exchanged a DVD using a fishing line and mesh bag. Greg needed the next season of a TV series he’s been watching. We had it. He wanted it. With some careful maneuvering we pulled up behind SO WHAT, stuffed the DVD into a bag while Greg reeled it in. Haven’t heard from him since. Suspect he’s binge watching the next season.
(Ash) OMG. Ben you should never let the world know how much you order at mc donalds its a little disgusting (read embarrassing)! Good thing we havent been inside the likes of one of those places in 5 months and counting! I of course always get the McSalad… NOT. 🙂
Ok, so food aside, nope never mind. SO WHAT let us know that they made brownies the other day and ever since I have had a hankering. I had all of my cookbooks out today and I have surprisingly quite a few… I have found a recipe for Amazing looking gluten free rosemary brownies, but I was lacking one ingredient… xanthum gum… but thanks to mom and a little “can you please google that for me” we are all set for tomorrow. I will let you know how they turn out.
Now really we did do things other than eat today. We sailed and we pulled off an amazing exchange with our buddy boat SO WHAT.
So it turns out Greg (SO WHAT) has become obsessed with Black Sails (Its on my list to watch after I get through the last few episodes of Game of Thrones). But he had a problem, he only had Season 1 and had blown through it a little faster than expected. The problem is although we have been staying ridiculously close to SO WHAT, it isn’t like you can just pull up alongside and pass over a USB stick. Read huge swell, boats that are sailing change course randomly with said swell, its hard to match speed exactly, etc… This afternoon we had a unforeseen opportunity to do an impromptu exchange. We were close, less than a mile apart, the wind was steady and about 8 knots of wind, so not too windy and the chop was down. Now how to get a burned dvd from one boat to another (DVD deemed safer to transfer than USB stick…something to do with salt water). Retrieval lines were discussed (reminiscent of the panama canal). But finally a safer solution was agreed upon. Greg was going to let out a small mesh bag on a fishing line, we’d pick it up with a boathook and then pop the dvd in and he would reel like crazy to get that in. Well the whole thing seemed kinda crazy, but not surprisingly it all went off without a hitch!
Nice to have a little excitement on Day 5. I wonder what day 6 will bring?
PS. My new secret is to go around with the tongers and toss the squid dudes before the fishing mans fridge salt brine collection gets out of hand.


June 6, 2017

I love your public diary. So funny!


May 2, 2017

NO fish yet. Oh boy!
Loving these updates. Day 5 seems a good one ❤️ Hope the brownies are hit.


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