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Boat Brokers, Hurricane Seasons & Wifi Aboard

We are going to be homeless in just over a month. Things are a-changing around here. Has it set in? Not really. We’re still somewhat going about things as normal; Get up. Go to work…Have a beer. But there is progress being made. Most of this progress was instigated by one connection to a wonderful couple that went thru the same motions a few years back. Their advice and knowledge has been absolutely invaluable.


We now have a boat broker lined up. The Catamaran Guru, our broker, is highly recommended. To be honest, we had no idea where to start. There is a sea of brokers out there wanting your business. Just like the used car arena, a lot are simply wanting a quick deal for a quick buck in their pocket. We were leery considering this will be a transaction of multiple hundreds of thousands. The odd thing (to me) is that we have now transitioned from dreaming about yachts on to actually seriously narrowing down the list to just a handful of candidates. It’s exciting and surreal to be in a buying position. A powerful feeling after being in a selling position(of our house) for so long.


Hurricane Belt

We will most likely be buying a boat either in the Caribbean or southern United States. The southern United States is much preferred as the cost of buying equipment and general outfitting is much much less than on some remote island in the Caribbean. Because of this, there are inevitably less (read no) boats in USA that fit our budget. The other thing to factor in is Hurricanes. Well, more along the lines of avoiding hurricanes. You see the hurricane belt runs thru most of the Caribbean so any boat for sale is going to be very far south, far away from the cheap parts (Florida).


Cruising Seasons

Looking further ahead, another thing we need to consider is what time of year we will actually be able to cruise the Caribbean. Hurricanes once again determine that. Officially the hurricane season runs from June 1 thru November 3oth. “Officially” because inside those months your boat insurance is void. We want to start cruising January 1st at the latest. Hopefully sooner. Reason being that we will only have until June (or July) to get either far south or put the boat on the hard. That means back to Canada for August and September which is pretty awesome considering those are some of the best months on the west coast of BC!



While on the topic of weather, we have signed up for an offshore weather forecasting course later this month. With today’s technologies, weather (storms) can be predicted accurately by many days in advance. Of course, you need some knowledge to actually understand all those weather charts and data. It’s not cheap, but $400 is a very insignificant cost to pay to keep your boat off the rocks (or off the bottom of the ocean).


Wifi Onboard

I (Ben) will be working while underway. At least quarter or part time. That means I need connectivity to the wonderful internet. A bit of research has revealed this should be very possible using both long range wifi boosters and cell networks. The plan is to have an unlocked smart phone for which I can buy SIM cards for each country I’m in. That’s the backup. The primary source will of course be free wifi! Likely I’m dreaming (about the free part) but wifi boosters can apparently give you a couple miles of range. With this combination we should be able to both bring home a bit of bacon and of course update this blog.


So there you have it. Things are moving right along on some fronts while other fronts are stagnant. Looking around this living room everything still looks the same. We have oodles of time to get rid of all our possessions. An entire month!


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October 10, 2014

It is an exciting time for you two and I remember doing the same 5 years ago when we sold our house. We are still learning and every day we still wake up pinching ourselves hardly believing we are so lucky to be leading this life. I am sure you will find yourself s doing the same.


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