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Change of Seasons

April always surprises me. It’s the end of ski season and the transition to boating season. Ski season was rather lack luster this year. Not a huge amount of snow and variable conditions everytime we went up. I think we had one semi-powder weekend where it had dumped a couple days prior to our arrival. The rest was icy, slushy or a combination of the two. But no complaints here. You can’t have a huge powder season every year.


Lots of things going on behind the scenes some of which I can only reveal publicly in another few weeks.  I can say it’s massive news. NO, Ashley is not pregnant. Currently I’m working thru a boat check list about a mile long:

  1. Replace bilge pump
  2. Re-seal thru-hul fittings
  3. Replace main battery
  4. Touch up bottom paint
  5. Clean up gelcoat rust stains
  6. Cut polish & wax
  7. Take boat in for engine maintenance
  8. Redo interior uphoustlry
  9. Fix broken deck cushion
  10. Seal gelcoat holes

…. and I’m sure more will will be added as we go. We’re trying to prioritize out-of-water tasks in comparison to in-water-tasks. Today was a solid 6 hours of polishing and cleaning. Boats are a ton of work. I always forget this.


My mom keeps bees and a less known fact is that bees take flying shits all over the place. These things just drop a load mid-air and whatever it lands ends up as a yellow shit stain. It’s rather annoying but I can’t complain because my boat is in their front yard.






The inside of the boat is complete mess as I work thru my list. I think it may need a women’s touch.







The polishing is coming along nicely. All work is concentrated at or near the waterline. I could care less about the top side of the boat, which is currently covered in moss. I’ll deal with that once this beast gets into the water.



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