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Boat Work in a Foreign Country; WAY MORE FUN

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Pete Tjaarda
March 5, 2021

Ben & Ashley, I’ve been quietly following you folks since Ashley found out she was pregnant with Willa. Simply amazing adventures you two have done/made. I personally have sailed around the San Juan’s in a Catalina 28 & believe it or not, & 8 ft pram around Coupeville , Dutch Harbor, Anacortes & Cameo island. I just wanted to see if I could do it W/O any misshapen. Fun times. Just curious if you know of any decent sail boats ( Cats or monohulls) in the 40 ft plus range that might be for sale with little work to do to make them ready to sail again? Only if you have the time.
What are the legal protocalls in purchasing a vessel in a foreign country?
Keep the adventures/videos coming.
Thank you & be safe.


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