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CARNAGE at Beveridge REEF – Adventure 30 of Sailing Around the World

Location: Beveridge Reef, Pacific Ocean

As we get further into this season we sail deeper and deeper into the remote reaches of the South Pacific. The further we go, the more adventure we find. More than we could have ever imagined.

In this action packed movie we head out from the beautiful island of Aitutaki. A destination only available to a limited number of yachts due to the very narrow and shallow entrance. Yup, we do bump bottom on the way out. But with a bit of throttle we manage to brute force our way over the sandy sill.

The passages between islands are now on average of about five days each. The weather forecast is ummm…. unpredictable. The passages have been wet, wild and fast! We are well away from civilization out here. Hundreds and hundreds of miles from anything except for this mostly submerged reef they call Beveridge Reef. These reefs are a welcome sight as really help break up the longer passages! And yes, it seems that sometimes at night they are impossible to see.

The story of the Catamaran wreck at Beveridge happened in the middle of the night. A full speed collision forcing them onto the reef. Ripping off the sail drives and rudders leaving gaping holes in the aft. But luckily another boat resting inside heard the calls for help via the radio. When morning came they were able to get off the boat and tow it inside the atoll where it rests now half-submerged.

Now lets talk about the fishing. Since leaving the Marquesas the fishing has been hit and miss. Mostly miss. All of French Polynesia was mostly a drought on our freezer. But things started to suddenly get interesting with several bent hooks. Several line breaks within seconds. What sort of monsters are down there? Massive massive Yellowfin Tuna!

Drone footage captured with the ever reliable mavic:

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