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New Video: Bahamas 2016

Bear with us as we work on our video editing skills. Somewhat embarrassed by this video but in the spirit of progress, we’ve pushed this out anyways. More to come in terms of video soon.  

Exuma Life

Life is better in the Exumas. Two weeks has slipped by and we have hardly taken note. Days meld together. There are no weekends. There are no weekdays. Every day, every hour has a special moment. Whether it’s the sweet smells coming off the islands, iguanas parading the beach, pigs swimming, kiteboarding or simply the […]

The Cursed Lure

Ft Lauderdale. At 3:30am the alarm went off. It was go time. Time to leave the United States of America. Over the past six months we’d developed a love-hate relationship with this country. We’d had some of the worst experiences of our lives. All of them caused by this wretched hard top. A non negotiable item […]

Each To Their Own

The new hard top is on. Installed. Looks amazing. It’s a work of art. It was ready last Friday. We were ready Sunday but the weather was not. So tomorrow we head out into the Gulf Stream and cross over to Bimini, Bahamas. We thought about leaving first thing Monday, but hey, what’s a few days […]

Is Anybody In There?

There have been zero blog posts since we arrived in Virginia. What is wrong one might ask?  There are excuses. Many of them. Most based on a life of being busy…on land. Let’s see here. We drove up the east coast. Visited New York, Maine and crossed the border into Canada. That is, only after […]

Day 1 – A twinge of Fear

Passage Bahamas to USA – Nassau to northern Abacos.  We’d been anxious to get going. It was time to go home. Hurricane season had officially started a few weeks ago and you could tell things were getting heated around these parts. Consistently we’d start to see thunderstorms developing in the afternoon. Big billowing clouds. You could […]


It’s a done deal. I have my passport back with a pretty US Visa plastered inside. We’ve decided on where we’re going. We’re pointing our bow north! Virginia to be exact. Setting up for a departure on Wednesday and continuing a non-stop, offshore passage for five to seven days. True blue water cruising. We haven’t taken this lightly […]

Stuck in Paradise

It’s June. End of June. The start of summer back home and what seems like, the height of summer in the Bahamas. But I would be lying if that were true. Every day seems to get a little bit hotter. Every day I start to sweat ten, twenty, thirty minutes sooner. Simple things like sleeping […]

Creepy Holes

Last night was horrible. Anchored, in what we thought was a pretty damn protected bay. But alas, as it always seems to happen, the side swell came up something fierce. Just for the record, this always happens after dusk while Ashley is making dinner and immediately after another boat has anchored way too close within […]

Our Boat – The Walkthrough

We made a short little video of our boat below decks. Lots more to come on the video front. Some sneak peeks in the intro here…    

How’s It Going?

We’ve been at this for a couple months. So how are things? How’s it been? What do we love, hate, tolerate? It’s definitely been a period of adjustment. Both physically, mentally and in terms of relationship. It hasn’t been all been cookies, ice cream and tea. (Ice Cream is only sold melted in the Bahamas). It’s […]

Bahamian Sloop Race

After having spent way too much time at Black Point we were ready to move. Word on the street was that there was a Bahamian sloop race this coming weekend in Barreterre, a town just south of here. What better excuse than to pull anchor and set course to the next destination. We’d barely made it […]

Flying Pigs & Work

The Exumas:  “Sapphire blue water. An exotic collection of dream destinations.” That’s how the travel brochures describe the place we call home. We’re fortunate to be here. Very fortunate. We don’t realize it at times. We grow immune to it very quickly. This past week I’ve spent almost every single waking hour working. That’s right. I’m sitting […]

Curse of the Skipper

We’re still getting used to this boat. Lots of new noises. Especially at night. I typically do two walk arounds at random intervals throughout the night. You can find me in my birthday suit on deck between the hours of 1 and 5 am. As a skipper, you never rest. One ear is always listening. […]


We made it. A beautiful sail for five hours or so. Bikini sightings on the front deck. Showers on the aft. Banana bread was baked and bilges were cleaned.  There’s been a new slightly annoying problem. The bilge pump keeps starting up every few hours. Annoying because it sounds like all hell is about to […]

A New Day

Being grumpy and moping sure feels good. But you don’t accomplish a thing. We finally sit down and list our options. Go back to Fort Lauderdale. Call the season quits. Cruise the Eastern Seaboard where it’s easier to get parts. Sail und Genoa only to the Exumas. None are really appealing. Then Ashley remembered a blog […]

The Day We Almost Made it to Nassau

The plan is perfect. We’re using as much of the easterly component of the wind to head south. We’re heading to the Exumas and no one is stopping us. The Exumas sound like The place for us. No one around. Beaches. Fishing. Kitesurfing. I toss and turn at 5am. 6am and I’m up. Batten down the […]

Stretching our Sailing Legs

One night at anchor in Bimini and we’re off. Headed east. There’s not much to Bimini. A stopover island. First impressions of the Bahamians? Nicest people I have met to date. Strangers say Hi on the street. They treat each other with kindness. Almost as if they’re all family. I could get used to this. […]

The Crossing

It’s still dark out. My alarm is about to go off but I wake minutes before. Two hours of sleep later. Somewhat tired yet a tinge of excitement runs through my body. Today is the big day. We head off into the blue yonder. No more marinas. No more sweaty boat work.  Everything is ready. […]

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