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Cruising vs Reality – Adventure 03

This cruising life sounds wonderful doesn’t it? What we possibly gloss over is things like boatyard work. It’s really hot awful work. Nothing works on a boat when it’s out of the water. No toilets means climbing down a ladder in the middle of the night and running across the yard. No anchorage means no wind […]


After a week at sea, we were happy to tuck into a decent marina in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. We slept and rested for a day. Then it was off to work. We had major issues with our transmissions not going into gear. Days prior to departing the Bahamas the starboard engine wouldn’t consistently go into […]


Ughh. We’re still in Virginia. We’re in the water but tied up to the dock at the same old boatyard. It’s cold now. We’ve slipped into winter. The leaves have mostly all come down. Every morning is near freezing. We’re in a bit of a funk. It’s not fun anymore. This is not the ‘dream’ […]

Topless & Scammed

How do I begin? It’s been a tough week. Really tough. I will not mince words; We’ve been scammed. Scammed for many of thousands of dollars. We feel humbled. Defeated. Everything is so clear when you look back. Our mistakes are so obvious. We trusted. We took someones word. We believed in the good of a human. We’ve paid […]

A Day in the Boat Yard

How can we have possibly spent over a month in the boatyard? What do we do all day? Is there really that much to do? Well it’d bore you to death, just like the last post, if I explained it in detail. But maybe this video will give you an idea.  

Welcome Home. Here’s a Hurricane.

We’re back on the boat. Which is on the hard. Our maintenance list is long. Two days in and my back is seized, my shoulders feel like The Hulk and for some odd reason, my quads hurt. Life aboard is a full body workout. From the time you get up (and go pee) to climb down […]


We made it. A beautiful sail for five hours or so. Bikini sightings on the front deck. Showers on the aft. Banana bread was baked and bilges were cleaned.  There’s been a new slightly annoying problem. The bilge pump keeps starting up every few hours. Annoying because it sounds like all hell is about to […]

Raw Deal

I just spent about 10 hours playing with poopy toilet bits. Rebuilt the macerator (that thing that chops your feces before letting them swim free in the big blue ocean). That didn’t work. The flushing power was not satisfactory. Too little flow. So I Played some more with my feces-covered tools. Read “play” as cussing, […]

Hole in The Water

Boat – A hole in the water you dump money into. There are endless corny boat jokes; The two happiest days of a boat owner’s life is the day he buys it and the day he sells it. Boat unit – A $1,000 repair bill.   That latter might actually be true. Pulled the boat […]

Endless Boat Work

Pfewf. 80% of the boat tasks are done. At least those tasks that needed to be completed while the boat was out of the water. As I was putting on the last of the zinks I looked down at the license plate and notice it was expired. That remains the last task prior to taking […]

Change of Seasons

April always surprises me. It’s the end of ski season and the transition to boating season. Ski season was rather lack luster this year. Not a huge amount of snow and variable conditions everytime we went up. I think we had one semi-powder weekend where it had dumped a couple days prior to our arrival. […]

Installing a Heat Exchanger

New to this site? Start with what we’re up to and why we’re trying to Sail Around the World. I’ve written this post to perhaps try to help others who are trying to install a fresh water cooling system. I’m by no means a mechanic. Quite the opposite, I sit in front of a computer […]

Lowrance Elite 5 Depthsounder & GPS

I had mentioned previously that we chose to go with the LOWRANCE Elite 5 Fishfinder/Chartplotter. I finally picked up a unit from West Marine today. I’m pretty excited to have this unit on the Sweet Chariot as I have never had precise depth contours while fishing. I guess now I don’t have any more excuses why I’m not […]

Work Continues

We’re making progress. Stove is in after making some modifications to the countertop. More pictures on that later. Bottom paint is now also done including the waterline thanks to Ash. I don’t have time to tape a waterline. Zincs are all replaced. Port trim tab is back on after the gelcoat hairline repair. Trailer is […]

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