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101 Farewells – Adventure 01

We are enroute back to our boat! Currently sitting in the Toronto airport with another twelve hours of travel ahead of us. We absolutely cannot wait to see our gem of a Catamaran. She’s been patiently sitting on the hard in Grenada. We have massive plans this coming sailing season. Stay tuned for tons and […]

Is Anybody In There?

There have been zero blog posts since we arrived in Virginia. What is wrong one might ask?  There are excuses. Many of them. Most based on a life of being busy…on land. Let’s see here. We drove up the east coast. Visited New York, Maine and crossed the border into Canada. That is, only after […]

Norfolk, Virginia

Somewhere in the North Atlantic to Norfolk, Virginia *This post is long overdue but I’d thought I’d better finish the story…. Norfolk was our first stop as it had a customs and border control office. I somewhat knew it would be a busy port after looking at charts the day before. The amount of buoys […]

How’s It Going?

We’ve been at this for a couple months. So how are things? How’s it been? What do we love, hate, tolerate? It’s definitely been a period of adjustment. Both physically, mentally and in terms of relationship. It hasn’t been all been cookies, ice cream and tea. (Ice Cream is only sold melted in the Bahamas). It’s […]

The Night Before

We have one full day left to prepare for our first passage – Crossing from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini, Bahamas. We’re anxious. Last night I woke up in a sweat at 2am. Yelling gibberish at Ashley trying to clarify what kind of shackle she needed. It was critical to our survival. We were in a […]

All Aboard!

We’ve moved on board! Well, we’re on board. Our stuff is on board. Moved in? Not so much. This place is a disaster. Has been for the last two days. A bomb went off. I’m writing this wedged amongst boxes and stuff in the cockpit. Wedged! After ten years of planning, saving, dreaming, we’re finally […]

Fishing Gear

Went to buy fishing gear today. They have massive fishing gear stores south of the border. Warehouse style. It’s not just a tackle store. Need a motorboat? No worries. Lots in stock. Need a hunting bow? Hunting guns? Hand guns? Absolutely everything and anything a guy could ever need. As we got to the back of the store, we […]

First Date

I’m hesitant to write this. Am I announcing a boat pregnancy too early? The entire purpose of this trip to the Dominican Republic was to look at a boat. A Lagoon 410 catamaran. We found her a couple weeks earlier. She had made her debut on the internet immediately after we had surveyed her 38′ sister. Unlike her […]

Raw Deal

I just spent about 10 hours playing with poopy toilet bits. Rebuilt the macerator (that thing that chops your feces before letting them swim free in the big blue ocean). That didn’t work. The flushing power was not satisfactory. Too little flow. So I Played some more with my feces-covered tools. Read “play” as cussing, […]

Idiot at the Helm

First shakedown cruise is behind us. The word “epic” comes to mind. Everything that could break, did break. From simple stuff like the Stand Up Paddle board pump, fresh water pump to the engine. For me, the worst part was a massively simple mechanical mistake. I had done an oil change a month or so ago. An […]

Hole in The Water

Boat – A hole in the water you dump money into. There are endless corny boat jokes; The two happiest days of a boat owner’s life is the day he buys it and the day he sells it. Boat unit – A $1,000 repair bill.   That latter might actually be true. Pulled the boat […]

Goofin off

A whirlwind of a last couple of days. We left Victoria headed to Sheridan Lake near 100 mile house on Thursday morning. Of course we missed the ferry by three cars – The joys of living on an island. Ashley drove while I worked in the passenger seat for a few hours. The joys of […]

Gunkholing Sunshine Coast

It always amazes me. It takes 3 days to get into the swing of things at the start of a vacation. The unwinding time is huge and necessary. We’ve had a beautiful few days up here on the Sunshine Coast in the high 20’s and low 30 celsius. Some pics from the last few days….     […]

Endless Boat Work

Pfewf. 80% of the boat tasks are done. At least those tasks that needed to be completed while the boat was out of the water. As I was putting on the last of the zinks I looked down at the license plate and notice it was expired. That remains the last task prior to taking […]

Beginner Kite Boarding on Bulabog Beach, Boracay

This is an amazing sport really. All of your equipment could fit into a suite case. Unlike Sailing or Windsurfing which has huge sails, big surfboards that don’t generally transport well. All you need is a small beach, about 10 – 15 knots of wind and you’re good to go. You can easily bring the […]

Kite Boarding on Boracay

Boracay Island has two sides; A windward side and a leeward side. The leeward is party central with tons of restaurants, massages, shops etc. The windward side is dedicated to Kite Surfing and has the exact opposite vibe; Relaxed and Chilled. Quite lovely really. We ventured over to Bulabog Beach, the Kite Surfing beach, the […]

Back to our Roots

A short clip of our Boracay Island circumnavigation on a outrigger canoe sailboat. This was a stop at a beach called Puka Shell Beach. We loved this so much we may just go back for more!        

Fish Utopia

Its interesting how one day one particular lure works like a hot damn then, the next day not a single bite on that same lure. The other night was the same; Lines in the water by 4:30pm. Not a single bite until 6:30. By 7pm, at sunset, I had three fish in the cooler. Just […]

What a Weekend

Wow. I don’t know how to begin to explain last weekend except to say awesome and crazy. We had taken Monday off to create a 3 day weekend and although we had planned to leave Friday, thunderstorms and unsettled weather caused us to change our mind and we didnt get rolling until Sat Morning. Saturday […]

D Arcy Island

  Had a fantastic Canada day last weekend. We took off on the boat for a day trip with our friends Bay & Adam to D’Arcy Island. I had been there many years ago on my family’s sailboat. I was still a child back then and vividly remember the stories we dreamt up. D’arcy island […]

Back in the Grind

We had an absolutely amazing ride home from the Sunshine Coast to Victoria. Alarm went off at 4:30 AM and we untied from the dock at 5:15. I don’t think we have ever had a crossing quite this flat. Almost boring to be honest. We’re also starting to gain some confidence in our “Sweet Chariot”. […]

Exploring Keats Island

Wow! What a perfect couple of days. Yesterday at 4:30pm we decided we might as well pack up and head to the family Summer cabin, Keats Island. The passage was fantastic. The Strait of Georgia was very kind to us and kept the waves down. My Heat Exchanger installation worked flawless. We left Sidney at […]

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