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Boler – For Sale

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; It’s so small you can push it across a parking lot with one hand. It’s so small, you can touch on either end when you stretch in bed. It’s so small that you can heat it with one burner on the stove. Now that’s no way to […]

Is this for Real?

I’m driving. Heading east. We talk about how long we’ve been on the road. Almost two weeks now. We’re making a long haul from New Orleans. Arriving in Fort Lauderdale tonight. But it doesn’t phase us. Same old; chipping away at The Boat Dream. Just inching closer km by km. Then something suddenly changes. We turn south. […]

Notes from the Road

We’ve been driving for a while now. Days. A week to be exact. It’s a different world out here. A world that consists of long haul truckers, rest stops and wasabi nuts. At first, you don’t notice it. But after a while, you get a lay of the land. You figure out the normal. For the […]

Fire in the Boler

We drove (up) to the Grand Canyon today. All day up hill. The car was screaming. Begging for mercy. I had no idea the Grand Canyon was at such a high elevation. I also had no idea this is The Tourist mecca. Something like 2 million people per year. Beautiful nonetheless. We stood there and […]


It’s always frightening. Mostly the U.S.A border.  You see, I’m a germ. A german immigrant. Landed resident, although permanent in Canada. An alien in the usa. We knew this particular crossing would be tricky. Last time we drove across the border to catch a flight to Hawaii, it took three hours to get a Visa. Three […]

Emotions Getting Ready

Regret. Worry. Anxiety.  “Did we make the right decision? Why did we buy this 13′ trailer? Did we make the right choice with this boat? What the HELL are we doing? Are we courageous or stupid?” Scared is a pretty good word to describe us at times. Who does this? Who sells most of their […]

Project Hell

We’re cramming. Been a bit of a flashback to University days. Always something to do. Never enough time. I sometimes have trouble keeping track of all the projects I’m working on. Is that weird? There’s the new startup. Then the Boler renovation. Keeping consulting clients happy with zero billable hours. The project of life; digitizing […]

This Just Happened

Not sure how this happened. Well, I do. It just followed us home. Possibly also something to do with a couple bottles of wine, Ashley suggesting the word ‘Boler’ and me falling in love (with a Boler). That was Saturday. 72 hours later and we are proud new owners of a 1974 13′ Boler. 72 […]

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