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She Floats! – Adventure 04

We’ve done it. We’ve left the boatyard and this time we managed to do it in under two weeks. Our mission was simple; get everything done below the waterline. The rest can wait. We’ve only seen a glimpse of what Grenada has to offer. It is an absolutely gorgeous island with an incredible amount of personality. The locals […]

A Puerto Rican Interlude

Quickly we realized that Ben needed a car for the gathering of engine parts while living in Fajardo. What we didn’t realize was that Puerto Rico was one of those places where people drive however they want. Ben pulled out his race car driver mode as he navigated around half of Puerto Rico in preparation of […]

Back in the swing of things

It’s been almost two weeks since we left Fort Lauderdale. I can say we’re back in the swing of things. Back into cruising mode. A mode that can be tedious but one that also has many rewards. I often quickly forget how this vessel is a floating city; There’s water systems to attend to. The […]


Ughh. We’re still in Virginia. We’re in the water but tied up to the dock at the same old boatyard. It’s cold now. We’ve slipped into winter. The leaves have mostly all come down. Every morning is near freezing. We’re in a bit of a funk. It’s not fun anymore. This is not the ‘dream’ […]

A Day in the Boat Yard

How can we have possibly spent over a month in the boatyard? What do we do all day? Is there really that much to do? Well it’d bore you to death, just like the last post, if I explained it in detail. But maybe this video will give you an idea.  

Boat Project – Lagoon Rudder Bearings

Rudders. They’re an essential piece of equipment on a boat. As essential as your mast, engines and trying to keep water out of the boat. What could go wrong? A lot. Frozen rudders, loose bearings, delamination and a plethora of other situations. Since having only purchased this boat eight months ago, I decided to check every system […]

Progress On The Hard

The people here in Deltaville Virginia are some of the sweetest I have met in recent memory. The density of nice people here seems way above normal. We’re from Victoria, BC and it’s a relatively smallish big town. The vibe is pretty calm but can be a bit anonymous. I guess small enough but too big for […]

Is Anybody In There?

There have been zero blog posts since we arrived in Virginia. What is wrong one might ask?  There are excuses. Many of them. Most based on a life of being busy…on land. Let’s see here. We drove up the east coast. Visited New York, Maine and crossed the border into Canada. That is, only after […]

Norfolk, Virginia

Somewhere in the North Atlantic to Norfolk, Virginia *This post is long overdue but I’d thought I’d better finish the story…. Norfolk was our first stop as it had a customs and border control office. I somewhat knew it would be a busy port after looking at charts the day before. The amount of buoys […]

Days 3 & 4 – Time Warp

Passage Bahamas to USA -Somewhere in the Atlantic to Somewhere More North in the Atlantic As I get out of bed this morning I find Ashley conversing with a swallow in the galley. They’d already introduced each other. His name was Chirp. He’d spent the evening with us yesterday watching the sunset. So when he paid us […]

Day 2 – Anxious Boredom

Passage Bahamas to USA – Northern Bahamas to Somewhere in the Atlantic I am uncertain where the day went today. It just sort of passed as we tried to stay cool in fickle winds. It seems a case of lethargy has struck this vessel. What we thought was going to be a brisk sail home in 20 […]

How’s It Going?

We’ve been at this for a couple months. So how are things? How’s it been? What do we love, hate, tolerate? It’s definitely been a period of adjustment. Both physically, mentally and in terms of relationship. It hasn’t been all been cookies, ice cream and tea. (Ice Cream is only sold melted in the Bahamas). It’s […]

Our Boat – 2005 Lagoon 410

Welcome. Welcome to our floating home! A 41 foot Lagoon 410 S2, built in 2005. She’s a comfortable ride. In the starboard (right) pontoon is the owners quarters. These consist of a bed, small office, bathroom with a shower. On the port (left) side is the guest accommodations; Aft we have a berth. Midships is […]

Flying Pigs & Work

The Exumas:  “Sapphire blue water. An exotic collection of dream destinations.” That’s how the travel brochures describe the place we call home. We’re fortunate to be here. Very fortunate. We don’t realize it at times. We grow immune to it very quickly. This past week I’ve spent almost every single waking hour working. That’s right. I’m sitting […]

All Aboard!

We’ve moved on board! Well, we’re on board. Our stuff is on board. Moved in? Not so much. This place is a disaster. Has been for the last two days. A bomb went off. I’m writing this wedged amongst boxes and stuff in the cockpit. Wedged! After ten years of planning, saving, dreaming, we’re finally […]

First Date

I’m hesitant to write this. Am I announcing a boat pregnancy too early? The entire purpose of this trip to the Dominican Republic was to look at a boat. A Lagoon 410 catamaran. We found her a couple weeks earlier. She had made her debut on the internet immediately after we had surveyed her 38′ sister. Unlike her […]

The Dream Boat

We’re getting close now.  We’ve picked out our dream boat and have a definitive dollar amount in mind to work towards. Here’s our goal, a Lagoon 380: We envision this as the ideal living platform. Unlike a monohull, a catamaran has the main living space above water. We find monohulls extremely dark and claustrophobic. I […]

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