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The British Virgin Islands – The Cement

Eight or so years ago we took a three week vacation to the BVIs. That vacation cemented our sailing dreams. I remember filling out the application to charter a sailboat. There was a section on experience. Oh man did we fill that up. We were actually pretty qualified… to rent a dinghy. We had raced all sorts […]

Freedom & Moving

We woke up this morning bobbing ever so slightly. Sleepily, thoughts crossed our minds. What is the plan for today?  Within a matter of a few sentences we decided that today we move. Move to another country. It is exactly this sort of freedom that appeals to us. Being able to move your entire house […]

A Puerto Rican Interlude

Quickly we realized that Ben needed a car for the gathering of engine parts while living in Fajardo. What we didn’t realize was that Puerto Rico was one of those places where people drive however they want. Ben pulled out his race car driver mode as he navigated around half of Puerto Rico in preparation of […]


Yesterday. A test of sorts. We had run low on everything. Including beer & eggs. The essentials. It had been howling thru this mooring field for three days now. We’d been cooped up on this boat for two. Unable to get off as it was too rough to bother. Then, yesterday, we got our chance. […]

Back in the swing of things

It’s been almost two weeks since we left Fort Lauderdale. I can say we’re back in the swing of things. Back into cruising mode. A mode that can be tedious but one that also has many rewards. I often quickly forget how this vessel is a floating city; There’s water systems to attend to. The […]

Stuck in Paradise

It’s June. End of June. The start of summer back home and what seems like, the height of summer in the Bahamas. But I would be lying if that were true. Every day seems to get a little bit hotter. Every day I start to sweat ten, twenty, thirty minutes sooner. Simple things like sleeping […]

Creepy Holes

Last night was horrible. Anchored, in what we thought was a pretty damn protected bay. But alas, as it always seems to happen, the side swell came up something fierce. Just for the record, this always happens after dusk while Ashley is making dinner and immediately after another boat has anchored way too close within […]

Flying Pigs & Work

The Exumas:  “Sapphire blue water. An exotic collection of dream destinations.” That’s how the travel brochures describe the place we call home. We’re fortunate to be here. Very fortunate. We don’t realize it at times. We grow immune to it very quickly. This past week I’ve spent almost every single waking hour working. That’s right. I’m sitting […]

Curse of the Skipper

We’re still getting used to this boat. Lots of new noises. Especially at night. I typically do two walk arounds at random intervals throughout the night. You can find me in my birthday suit on deck between the hours of 1 and 5 am. As a skipper, you never rest. One ear is always listening. […]

Is this for Real?

I’m driving. Heading east. We talk about how long we’ve been on the road. Almost two weeks now. We’re making a long haul from New Orleans. Arriving in Fort Lauderdale tonight. But it doesn’t phase us. Same old; chipping away at The Boat Dream. Just inching closer km by km. Then something suddenly changes. We turn south. […]

Project Hell

We’re cramming. Been a bit of a flashback to University days. Always something to do. Never enough time. I sometimes have trouble keeping track of all the projects I’m working on. Is that weird? There’s the new startup. Then the Boler renovation. Keeping consulting clients happy with zero billable hours. The project of life; digitizing […]

Passing Time

We are ready to go! Boat contract is signed. Deposit made. The countdown is kicking into gear. We will be arriving in Florida in exactly 42 days. Yikes! The weeks are flying by like days. A good thing. A sign that we’ve been busy. I wake up Friday thinking it’s Monday. Ashley is consulting. I’m consulting and […]

Sold. Sold. Sold!

Here we are. Standing on the edge of a cliff having taken the one step we cannot take back – Sold our House!  We’ve pulled the trigger and the bullet is set to hit November 16th – our move out date. What remains is simple. Minimal. Just the sale of all of our furniture, clothes […]

You Can Fail At…

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at what you Love.”  This is from Jim Carrey’s commencement speech. My good friend Bay, who by the way is an excellent coach if you want to achieve big dreams, put this on my radar. It hit home and made me […]


Do you want it sugar coated or right between the eyes? One of my favourite movies – Six Days, Seven Nights The Good We’re getting into Summer. Why is that Good? For a plethora of reasons including Kiteboarding, Boating, Fishing, Hornby cabin, Sheridan Lake Family cabin, Keats Island cabin.  Did I mention Kiteboarding?   The Ugly […]

Waiting Game

It seems like we’re in a waiting pattern – We’re circling the airport waiting to land. Actually, that’s not true. We’re grounded waiting for takeoff. We’re putting one foot in front of the other but sometimes you just gotta wait for stuff to sell. My motorbike was a great example. I had a few potential […]

The Stuff

I sit here looking around at stuff in the ski cabin. The boot warmers. The faux finish in the entry. Suff. Stuff that I’ve been around for so long but never noticed. The industrial metal grate bench invented and installed by someone special. The 2×6 blocks of wood used to wax boards and skis. The surroundings […]

House For Sale

This is finally real and it’s been an interesting ride. In the end we have decided to list privately (Click Here for the website with All the Details). Reasons are several. The main ones are the fact we have a ton of time on our side and second, we are trying to generate as much […]


Preparing for this trip is a massive pain in the ass. Huge PITA. Selling all of your belongings sucks. Not only is there a lot of stuff to sort thru, but you have to deal with buyers. You have to haggle. You have to deal with shitty people that don’t show up, want to talk […]

Selling Our Stuff. Part 1 (of many)

This was our first Garage Sale and as far we are concerned it was a massive success. We put $750 into our sailing slush fund for stuff that we would have normally given away. Ashley had been going thru our closets all week and sorting thru stuff to sell. Our very good friend Bay deserves a ton […]

Two Weeks. Just 2 weeks! We glossed over a few details…

When we say “We’re going to sell everything and Sail Around the World” we gloss over just a few details. Living on a boat requires you to downsize; No filing cabinet. No closet full of ‘stuff’ you never use. You can’t afford to have ‘extra stuff’. So that’s what we’ve been doing..Gifting, Selling, Digitizing or Turfing. […]

Your Stuff is Worthless

Now that we’ve gotten the touchy feely stuff out of the way, it’s time to get down to business. Our ToDo list is huge. Almost overwhelming. Task number one is to start selling our ‘Stuff’. We’ve accumulated a fair amount of items over the past five years. Normal things; flatscreen TV, furniture, decorations, sports equipment […]

Back at Work

We’re back at work, slaving away but looking forward to this coming weekend of freedom. We’ll be off to Keats Island on the Sunshine coast again. Likely we’ll stay all week and work from the cabin. We tested our location-independence last year and found tethering via our iPhone works great. I originally tried an external […]

The Good ole Days

Stumbled across this picture of my father with his dad. I just love how they dressed back then! Look at those pants not to mention the fancy shoes while working the in boat yard. Fantastic!  

Extending The Weekend

We’re enjoying this weekend so much that we’re coming home 5am Monday morning. I hope the weather cooperates!

Exploring Keats Island

Wow! What a perfect couple of days. Yesterday at 4:30pm we decided we might as well pack up and head to the family Summer cabin, Keats Island. The passage was fantastic. The Strait of Georgia was very kind to us and kept the waves down. My Heat Exchanger installation worked flawless. We left Sidney at […]

Shakedown Cruise

Our first shakedown cruise is done. Last weekend was a doozy. First, we got the boat in the water, tested out the anchor while enjoying a few beverages. Finally we cruised about 20 minutes to a local island and grabbed a mooring ball for our first overnight stay. Everything worked except for two incidents. First, […]

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