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the END of a Chapter

This is the last of the tiny boat videos. We are all caught up and whatever comes next is real-time. We’re not sure yet what it’ll be. Stay tuned!

We used to be Lumberjacks

We used to be full-on, chainsaw yielding lumberjacks. Miss those days.

Cruising West Coast Style

This is west coast of Canada. Fog. Logs and rain! Come for a ride in our childhood stomping grounds.

2020 Has Been Hard

We’re trying to be a bit more honest. More real. It’s a fine balance between complaining and talking about real issues that normally get swept under the rug.  Let us know if this is too much. Promise not every episode will be like this!

Checking an Abandoned Boat

A little early for Halloween but…. BOO!

Adventures on a Micro Yacht

New Video is up and we’re back on the Micro Yacht. Follow along as we cruise north with this tiny boat for the next couple months.

This 1972 Trailer is Our other Home.

This 1972 Trailer is Our other Home.

Change Brings Opportunities…

How we frame any situation is so important. With Change comes new Opportunities. They’re literally everywhere!

$4,000 Live Aboard Sailboat TOUR

How small do You think you can go? Can you do 22 feet? If not, what’s the minimum?

the REALITY of moving aboard a TINY BOAT

Perhaps the biggest lesson we’re learning is that if a boat hasn’t been used for years, there is so much stuff that seizes, breaks and corrodes. But it’s coming together. Slowly but surely!


Dude. This boat is TINY!

We’re Stuck!

Now what? We’re stuck in Canada. No boat. No content. Time to figure something out….

we had a BABY during COVID…

It’s pretty incredible creating a little human. One can’t explain it until you go thru it. Having a child changes you…for the better. The past few years have been quite the ride and it’s just going to get wilder as we embark on a 20 (?) year voyage of raising a little human as we […]

The World We Live In

We’ll let the video do the talking.

How To Stop Your Boat from Sinking

We have seen our share of wrecks and mishaps. It’s sad and heartbreaking every time we stumble across one of these. It’s the end to someones dream. Could it have been prevented? Probably. Are we immune to these mistakes. Definitely not. We thought it might be helpful to share what we carry on board for […]

Change is Hard, Donkey

This is it folks. We Haul Nahoa out of the water. Next week we start getting her ready for the Indian ocean and the new crew mate. Turns out we filmed a lot while sailing in SE Asia. More so than we thought. Soon we’ll be near real-time. Maybe in a few more episodes. Enjoy […]

The End of an Era

It’s kind of bizarre how this pandemic played out. The Indian Ocean sailing season starts in February (when Willa was born) and ends in October (when we are planning to return to Nahoa).  We couldn’t have planned it better. That said, who knows if borders will reopen but so far all of the Indian Ocean […]

Disaster is Always Lurking Out Here

Took a freediving course in Indonesia and it is by far the most incredible experience I have had in recent memory. If you get the chance, go sign up once things reopen. Anyone can do it regardless of age or weight.

Street Food in Malaysia

As with all of our stops along the Straits of Malacca, Penang was an important trading hub back in the day. And to this day, the diverse culture and religions remain. Within a few block radius you can find the India town, China town, and the Malays are sprinkled throughout. There is an incredible amount […]

Crew Describe what it’s like to Sail Around the World

This was an eye-opening and inspiring chat with Patrick and Dana. We gloss over a lot of details of what it takes to live, manage and sail a catamaran around the world. Patrick and Dana we possibly one of the most enthusiast guests we have ever had aboard. They wanted to learn. They were eager […]

Lightening Storms & Squalls in the Straits of Malacca

There’s this phrase that goes; Sailing is  hours and hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. This was an unforgettable sail up thru the Straits of Malacca. So much to look at. So much to pay attention to…

Trip of a Lifetime for our Patrons

Well it’s finally here. A series of videos where two wonderful patrons join us to sail, motor and generally battle our way up the Straits of Malacca for five days.   We’ll be the first to admit, when we first arranged the time and place for Dana and Patrick to join us, we were worried this […]

The Land Episode….

We’ll let you in on a secret….Way back when we were in University we owned a firewood business. That’s right, in the winter months we’d spend the weekends cutting, chopping and delivering the finest firewood in all of Victoria BC. $150 per chord. It was possibly one of the most fulfilling jobs we ever had. […]

So this happened…

You guys already know the big news plus what happened afterwards! But we thought it would be fun to take you along for the ride of what we got up to in Canada.  We love our former home. The scenery in British Columbia is absolutely stunning and there’s a part of us that always yearns […]

Rush Hour in the Straits of Malacca

There’s something significant about crossing the Malacca Straits. Sort of like going thru the Panama Canal. It’s a big milestone and even though our half way point was up in the Philippines, this seems more real. It’s not just a number.  A lot of cruisers actually get stuck here. They end their sabbatical in Malaysia […]

A Day And Life In Sailing Around the World

We are trying to make sense of everything going on in the world. Right now we are in an apartment in Victoria on the west coast of Canada. We do have good healthcare here in Canada and we are really lucky to be home right now with a newborn. Extremely grateful for our current situation. […]

Searched by Customs AGAIN

When you sail around the world you need to formally enter and exit each and every country and Indonesia has been the most regimented and thorough country we have travelled to in respect to clearance formalities. Epic long days of paperwork, photocopies upon photocopies but surprisingly mundane questions. The upside was jovial and friendly officials. […]

Anything is Possible in Indonesia

Indonesia. Bursting with culture at every turn and friendly smiles no matter where you go. It’s people are resourceful, thrifty and possess serious MacGyver skills. Every day we would spot many improvised solutions that would make us smile. If there’s a will, there’s a way in Indonesia. 

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