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Video: Kiteboarding the San Blas – Adventure 11

How can you possibly leave when the wind is up and kiteboarding is to be had? The shallow waters of the San Blas offer some of the best Kiteboarding in the entire Caribbean. Behind each barrier reef are vast sections of knee deep water. The perfect place to kite.  

Video: Paradise in the San Blas Islands – Adventure 10

Talk about getting off the beaten path. Sailing our home through the San Blas for the past weeks and months has been an absolutely amazing cultural and breathtaking experience. There are picture perfect islands everywhere. The local Kuna indians, who control the land, have been able to maintain their way of life. It is so […]

Video: Cartagena at Night – Adventure 09

No video in weeks. Over a month to be exact! Outrageous to leave our readers hanging. Well, we’ve been sailing in areas that are rather remote. No internet. No cell phone coverage. (not much beer). No vegetables. Nothing but deserted islands with a few perfect palm trees. Throw in some kiteboarding, spearfishing and snorkling and […]

My Eye Twitches

My eye has been twitching for months. At first it was the upper left. Then the twitch moved to the bottom right. For the past month the left eye has been twitching in combination with the bottom right. It starts randomly but is guaranteed to make an appearance at the slightest provocation. A mildly heated discussion with […]

Boat Surveys & Negotiations

Earlier this week we had a survey done on a boat in Miami. The word disappointing comes to mind. We went thru this boat with a fine-toothed comb. Absolutely every nook and cranny was looked into to. She was clean on the interior but definitely neglected on the outside for the past few years. There is an […]

Full Throttle

It’s been a whirlwind the last three weeks. We finished sorting our stuff, did a one-day road trip to the summer cabins to drop some off our belongings. Then moved out & cleaned. That same day we hopped onto a plane bound for Florida to have a boat surveyed. It’s been epic. We’re tired. Exhausted […]

The Value of Nowhere

Things are getting really heated on the home front. I can’t say much due to ongoing boat negotiations but we’re getting really close now. And yet it seems light years away. We may be in the Bahamas in two months time, yet it doesn’t seem real. It just doesn’t seem possible. We will update you with […]

New Site. New Address. Faster.

We’ve moved. Digitally. What used to be is now You likely didn’t even notice. But if you do wander over to the old site, you will be automatically brought back to the future (here). Easier right? The .ca makes sense. We are from Canada. Eh. I never liked that previous name. Too much of […]

Wanted: Lagoon 380 S2 Catamaran

It seems nothing has been happening on this blog. Utter silence. In actuality, a lot has been going on. First, the a mundane exercise of eliminating “stuff” and second, putting low-ball offers on boats. We tried to offer 50K less on one catamaran only to realize it was already under contract for 10K under asking. Quickly found […]

Boat Brokers, Hurricane Seasons & Wifi Aboard

We are going to be homeless in just over a month. Things are a-changing around here. Has it set in? Not really. We’re still somewhat going about things as normal; Get up. Go to work…Have a beer. But there is progress being made. Most of this progress was instigated by one connection to a wonderful couple […]

One Boat for Another

We are moving out of the country and need to sell absolutely everything. We struggled buying this 23′ motorboat 3 years ago. “Should we buy it or save for an extended sailing trip?” In the end, it was a great decision – It got us places quickly, one of our main requirements. We worked all week […]

The House is Gone

It’s starting to sink in that the house is sold. Either that or the focus has shifted onto the next monumental task of actually getting ready to become nomads. Everything must go. Either into storage or sell. We did one gutting of our house in early spring prior to listing it. That should help. I’ve digitized […]

Fear vs Possibility

New to this site? Start with what we’re up to and why we’re trying to Sail Around the World.    We waffle between fear and possibility in rapid succession. On the one hand we have our dream of living on a boat long term. In service of that we are working as much as we […]

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013. Really? Already? Feels like just yesterday we were in Hawaii. Not sure where the fall went other than that we’ve been busy working. Ash has been away to Dominican Republic for work. I’ve been busy consulting. The last few days have been nice spending time with family and taking time off. Wish it […]

Protected: December 2013 Sailboat Report

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

One Exhausted Pooch

Something to make you smile on a Thursday. This is the little pooch we’ve been babysitting. He played a bit too much at Ashley’s office the other day. I can’t imagine how fast his heart must have been going. We were seriously worried he’d have a heart attack.       Just for the record […]

Happy New Years

Cheers!  Prost! Here’s to 2013.  

Motorbike Trip

Not much going on here except for a motorbike trip around northern Palawan, Philippines. The local children are fantastic here. Extremely friendly. I can’t even describe it. Everytime you ride thru a small village, the children run out to the side of the road and extend their hand awaiting a high-five as you drive by. […]

Welcome to El Nido

El Nido is one of those towns that hasn’t been invaded by the massive tourism industry. It used to be, and partly still is, a fishing village. All the locals say Hi on the streets as if they know you. The local kids love to play. We were at a desolate beach the other day […]

Spider House – They Lied, Only 2 Walls

I’d written this a while back but we never had reliable internet. So here is the much delayed spider house post…. It’s been an interesting start. Perhaps not so many spiders but more ants and cockroaches. It all started with a complimentary drink at check-in. Fantastic view and friendly staff. But I must admit this place is […]

Frohe Weihnachten. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten to all those back home. To our family and friends in Canada – Throw some extra wood on the fire, dig out your bikini and turn the TV to the travel channel. You will be with us in the tropics.   We miss you. We love you.   Love, Ashley & Ben […]

Can’t Keep em Off!

I don’t even know where to begin. After the first few fishing trips where we came home empty handed, it has been nothing but bliss the last few trips. So much for the old mantra of fishing: Relaxing, Drinking Beer. It has been non stop every time I’m out. It is extremely busy when out […]

Who Stole the Fish?

Turns out there are no more salmon in our ocean. Went out last Saturday and Sunday and caught nothing but Dogfish and every variety of Rock Cod. A few pics to tell the story. Started the day off with a complimentary Grey Whale sighting. I hate to say it, but all those tourists got ripped […]

Lessons Learned Living on a Boat

The boating community is full of friendly people. Everyone waves. Everyone talks to each other on the dock. Travelling by boat is optimal; You simply move your house to the next bay, next cove. All of your clothes, dishes and food go with you. And, if your boat is big enough, you don’t even need […]

Toba Inlet

Toba Inlet – A long desolate fjord that goes on and on. Filled with turquose water and banked by extremely steep cliffs on either side. There are numerous water falls all of which are dried up at this time of year. We managed to stumble across one which was minor but impressive. It looked deceiving because from a […]

Desolation Sound Bliss

New to this site? Start with what we’re up to and why we’re trying to Sail Around the World. We’re currently anchored with a stern line to shore in Prideaux Haven. Its a very quaint little place. Its actually around five or so coves connected by little channels. Dead calm tonight. We’re sitting out fron on […]

After a great night at the Powel River marina we headed out to, what we thought, was a decent haul up to Desolation Sound. We were cruising along, poking our head into a couple little coves when we suddenly rounded a corner and all of a sudden a mother Orca with her child surfaced in […]

Desolation Sound Travel – Packing, Travel and General Mayhem

Yep, its official, we suck at packing. How do I know? Because we pack up the entire house and try and cram it into a 23 foot boat. And believe me, Ashley manages to fill every nook and cranny in this boat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Quite the opposite. I have less […]

Sheridan Lake Water Skiing

A little video I put together for your viewing pleasure. It includes some of the fun we had water skiing and trick water skiing on Sheridan Lake.

Sheridan Lake 2012

Another successful Sheridan lake trip has come to an end. Its been a whirlwind. Plenty of water sports, socializing and of course, beverages. We try to head up to Ashley’s grandma’s place once a year to hang out with her Grandma and of course the rest of the Stobbart clan. Its always great to see everyone and […]

Busy Times

Time sure flies sometimes. I think its maybe been two weeks since I last updated this blog, but oh man a lot has happened; Birthday Parties, visits from German relatives, boat maintenance, biking and the list goes on. I’m just amazed by how fast time passes. Today we were celebrating Ashleys’s 32nd birthday. I keep […]

Prepping to Go

I’m not sure what has gotten into us. We usually grocery shop daily because we live close to downtown and are lazy about planning dinners. We obviously have no idea how to plan for one week away. This is the state of our fridge in preparation of 10 days away at the family cabin.    

Hornby Island Vacations

Ashley and I headed up to Hornby Island early this morning. Not sure if you can call a 9am departure early, but hell with it, we don’t have any kids (yet). Met my mom, dad and sister at the family cabin. This place is pretty special. Lots of memories here albeit all in the summer […]

Finding Our Paradise on Facebook

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Don’t Want to Go Home

Woke up this morning and didn’t immediately thought about all the stuff we have to do in order to go home; Clean, Pack, Drive, Get home and clean, Get read for work. I don’t think I’m alone. Many people probably wake up Sunday and start thinking about Monday. If you love your job, then thats […]

Time to Relax

Wow, we’ve been going non-stop for the past couple of months. I don’t think we have spent a single weekend at home. Always to the local ski hill and last weekend a massive road trip to Silverstar Resort and then trailering our new Sea Ray 230 home. Its been awesome but it also sure feels […]

We Bought a Boat!

Wow, what a whirlwind. We had a fantastic evening last night at Silverstar Resort. It was our last night and, to be honest, we were sick of pub food. So we stayed in and ate spagetti while watching TV. We don’t have TV at home which makes this a treat. We followed up dinner with […]

Silverstar Chananigans

Silverstar Resort has been good to us! We came here with no expectations and were very very fortunate to come stay for free and, on top of that, get two days free lift tickets. All thanks to a wonderful mother-in-law that was unable to use a pre-purchased package. This is a fantastic mountain for children […]

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