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Animals Waiting for Wind

Setting: Cabarete, Dominical Republic. Kite Beach. Mood: Chilled. With anticipation. Kiteboarders: A herd of animals. The herd replays the same conversations in their head. “Is it windy enough?” “Is it 14 meter weather?” “Maybe it’ll pick up. Rig small now. Stay out longer once it cranks.”  It’s an overly optimistic bunch. Then, one animal pulls the trigger. Out comes […]

Desolation Sound part 2

I’d written this a while back but lack of internet and a great vacation got in the way. Finally a completed post of what I’d started in Desolation Sound… We’re at anchor in Squirrel Cove, Desolation Sound. It’s midnight. I can hear a small set of rapids entering due to a tide change. It’s peaceful. Serene. […]

Yellowknife Replay

Has it already been three weeks since we were in Yellowknife? Wow, time flies. Going back thru some video footage, I am amazed at the beauty of the North West Territories. I can only imagine the beauty of the Northern Lights in the winter. Summertime is devine – Endless light and beauty. This canoe trip […]

Epic times in Yellowknife

Is anyone here? ….Is this thing on? Been a while hasn’t it?   We visited our friend Christine in Yellowknife. The North West Territories are daunting, at least to me. Simply sounds cold. It is after all just 400 km south of the arctic circle. You wouldn’t know it in the summertime. Balmy 20+ degree weather all […]

Maui 2013

It’s been soo long yet soo short. We’re on day 7 of an 8 day vacation and today is the first day where things have really felt relaxed. It always takes an absolute minimum of 5 days to unwind. Totally normal I suppose. The first five days are always spent running around and keeping “busy”. […]

Sheridan Lake & Family

It’s been grand time up at Sheridan Lake catching up with family, water skiing and just generally messing around. The paddle boards have been a fantastic addition in that one sees so much more of the lake than ever before. Every morning someone would be out paddling around, checking out the shoreline in perfectly flat […]

End of a Week

End of a week at Keats Island for us. It’s been good but busy. Lots of family and friends came to visit the Keats cabin. Now it’s time for a vacation from the vacation. It was Ashley’s birthday and the lucky girl got a paddle board from her lovely husband. These Inflatable Stand Up Paddle […]


I sat down to write a blog post but then realized I have nothing to say. I feel like we’ve done nothing, as we should on a long weekend.

Kite Boarding on Boracay

Boracay Island has two sides; A windward side and a leeward side. The leeward is party central with tons of restaurants, massages, shops etc. The windward side is dedicated to Kite Surfing and has the exact opposite vibe; Relaxed and Chilled. Quite lovely really. We ventured over to Bulabog Beach, the Kite Surfing beach, the […]

The Ambassador in Paradise

We’re on the move again. This time to the Spider House. Ashley is hesitant, I am excited. The place only has 3 walls! How can you possibly go wrong?  We will update in short order, but first a review of The Ambassador in Paradise Hotel.     As I mentioned earlier, we stumbled into this […]

Sailing Philippine Style

  What a perfect day!  We could really get used to this resort living permanently. It is amazing.   We’d negotiated a round the island trip yesterday with a beach vendor for 2000 php or $55 CAD. After a fantastic fruit and musli breakfast we headed out with snorkel gear, dry bags and sunscreen. I […]

Hotel Upgrade

Moved hotels today. The Boracay Beach Club Hotel just wasn’t our style. Dingy and a bit smelly. No view.   My lovely wife knows what she wants andI love her for that. We started our search by walking to the far end of the beach looking for the best, reasonably priced hotel available. After a few stops, […]


Organized Chaos accurately describes the Philippines. It’s amazing. It’s awaking. It makes you feel alive. Our 16 hour long haul flight went quite well. Good service. Tons of food and we managed to pay an extra $50 per person for bulk head seats. Well worth it. Ashley slept for a good 10 hours. I managed to sneek […]

Ready or Not

25 hours from now we will be taking off on a plane to the Philippines from Vancouver. Are we packed? Are we ready? Not really. But what do you need in the Philippines? A bathing suite and a towel. I have however  put together a first aid kit. Not sure what that means. Perhaps I’m […]

Spider House

We (mostly Ashley) have been firming up our accommodation for our Philippine adventure in December. I am definitely starting to get stoked about some of the places we’ll be staying at. After a 120 hour flight from Vancouver to Manila we will be going directly to an island called Boracay. This is a small island known for a […]

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