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Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013. Really? Already? Feels like just yesterday we were in Hawaii. Not sure where the fall went other than that we’ve been busy working. Ash has been away to Dominican Republic for work. I’ve been busy consulting. The last few days have been nice spending time with family and taking time off. Wish it could last but the grind is about to start again.



Fishing has been rather dry this year. I think I’m at around 3 or so salmon. Last year we were sitting on 13 or so in the freezer by end of September.




Christmas at the Brehmers…..christmas_2013_victoria03 christmas_2013_victoria04 christmas_2013_victoria05 christmas_2013_victoria06 christmas_2013_victoria07 christmas_2013_victoria08christmas_2013_victoria10 christmas_2013_victoria11 christmas_2013_victoria12christmas_2013_victoria14



Christmas at the Stobbarts…..christmas_2013_victoria15 christmas_2013_victoria16

christmas_2013_victoria_ash_1christmas_2013_victoria18 christmas_2013_victoria19 christmas_2013_victoria20 christmas_2013_victoria21 christmas_2013_victoria22 christmas_2013_victoria23 christmas_2013_victoria24 christmas_2013_victoria25 christmas_2013_victoria26 christmas_2013_victoria27

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