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could this be PARADISE!

After landing in Port Denerau we picked up Ashley’s mom and immediately booked it to windward Lau Island group. This part of Fiji is considered the most remote in Fiji. There is no customs and immigration there hence our first stop on the main island. But hey, the harder you work for something the more it is worth it right? Well our first stop, the Bay of Islands in Vanua Balavu, was a perfect first intro. It’sis breathtakingly beautiful with calm and secluded anchorages and millions of shallow little bays connected by tiny passages. It was like our own personal water world. What a start to this seasons tropical cruising! Sustenance living in the villages means every family and village has a garden and they provide well for themselves. With so much growing in abundance in the warm tropical climate we were able to trade just a little bit.

With Love, Ben & Ashley


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