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Crossing Cultures Thru Kiteboarding

Well this was a first. Kiteboarding where they had never seen the sport of kiteboarding before! We were looking for a good beach to walk and stumbled into this massive, windward beach on an island called Panacia. Turns out there were multiple families living in grass huts as they do. We got thinking, this beach would be fantastic to kite at. So the next day we packed up our gear, took the dinghy and pumped up. Right away the kids were curious. “What do you do with these inflatable toys?” Then Ashley went out and quickly the crowds gathered. What was a quiet somber beach turned into a crowd of hootin, hollaring locals. Spitting Betel Nut juice. Watching in awe.

It’s these moments of magik that make this journey special for us.

With Love,

Ben & Ash



February 1, 2019

Which kites/boards/foils do you use. I see both of you have different kites/boards. What kiting equipment do you pack?


Scooter !
January 29, 2019

Living the Dream .. you’ve brought much inspiration


January 29, 2019

Watching this video brought me so much joy. I loved seeing the locals adopt the two of you while you are there and how much they really enjoyed seeing you kiteboarding. I really like that the two of you are into the “off the beaten path” areas. The fact that both of you enjoy not only learning about the people but their culture and how they live. You share your lives with them as much as they share theirs with you. Thank you for continuing to video journal your travels and allowing us to be a part of your lives. You inspire me and my fiance to get out there and make this life a reality for ourselves.
Thanks again and God Bless your travels!!
Meredith (from Florida)


January 25, 2019

Hi Guys,

Thoroughly enjoy watching your endeavors, with exotic isolated locations, a few beers, awesome footage and an insight into places most people will never get to see, truly inspirational!………… keep the footage coming, as you have motivated me to learn to sail.

Just a quick question, what type of drone do you guys use?

Stay safe!

Mick (from Australia)


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