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Curse of the Skipper

We’re still getting used to this boat. Lots of new noises. Especially at night. I typically do two walk arounds at random intervals throughout the night. You can find me in my birthday suit on deck between the hours of 1 and 5 am. As a skipper, you never rest. One ear is always listening. I toss & turn. I’ve realized that it’s easier to get up and get on deck as soon as I gain consciousness otherwise I lie awake in bed and wonder… Has our anchor dragged? Are we hitting another boat? Every night get’s easier. Every night is a better sleep than the last. Maybe soon I’ll sleep like a baby.

We’ve been island hopping the last couple weeks in the Exuma island chain. Absolutely gorgeous down here. The water is crystal clear. The reefs are alive. Tons of fish. (tons of sharks). Anytime we move anchorage, the VHF radio is on. It’s how boaters communicate. Channel 16 is the main channel everyone listens to and if you want to get ahold of another boat, everyone else can hear you. We’ve heard a few things recently which made us giggle. There must be a few boats cruising together. Their boat names include ‘Daddy’s Money’, ‘Ecstasy’ and a few others. If you mix those together and hail each other on the radio you get pure comedy. 

“Naked Lady, Naked Lady, calling Daddy’s Money.”

“Ecstasy calling Naked Lady.”

“Naked Lady, Naked Lady, this is Ecstasy. You there?”

“Daddy’s Money, can you try channel Six-Nine” 

“Day Dreams, Day Dreams, this is Wet Dreams. Are you out there?”


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