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D Arcy Island


Had a fantastic Canada day last weekend. We took off on the boat for a day trip with our friends Bay & Adam to D’Arcy Island. I had been there many years ago on my family’s sailboat. I was still a child back then and vividly remember the stories we dreamt up. D’arcy island was a former leper colony from 1894 to 1921 for Chinese migrants. Some of the foundations of houses are still visible but most of the island has been reclaimed by nature.

Darcy Island Leprosy

Now that we’re older we actually did some reading on Leprosy. Leper colonies were actually quite common in the middle ages. Reason being that Leprosy was greatly feared due to its visible side effects and its highly contagious, incurable disease. What I didn’t know is that Leprosy does Not cause pieces of your body to fall off. Interestingly enough, they still aren’t 100% sure how the disease is spread from person to person. They suspect respiratory droplets. Finally, 95% of the human population is actually immune to Leprosy.


We also tried out our new dinghy. Its a tad on the small size, but we don’t mind getting friendly.










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