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Bahamas to Puerto Rico

Day 1 – Outwitted & Out Played

(By Ben)

We pulled anchor several hours later than scheduled. The water was just too crystal clear that morning that it enticed us to a few more swims. It was as if the Bahamas were tempting us. Questioning our decision to leave; “Hey, check out how beautiful I can be. Check out these rays circling over there. Come for another swim. Stay a while longer.” It was absolutely gorgeous. Reason being, the weather window had arrived for our passage to Puerto Rico. 

We ventured out into the Exuma Sound. Bumpy at first but things settled down quickly. By early afternoon the big rod & reel were screaming. Fish ON! Yeehaw! With our stations manned we proceeded into battle. Immediately we knew it was a big fish. Another monster Dorado leaped into the air behind our boat. 20 minutes later and he’s at the back swim grid. Ashley gaffs him with our 6’ gaff but almost loses her balance as the beast rolls and explodes with energy. In an instance she decides to let go of the gaff rather than go overboard. But we still have him hooked on the line and the gaff is still set. So quickly we bring him back to the boat. I grab the leader and apply more pressure. Too much pressure. The metal swivel bends and gives way. He’s gone in an instance as he dashes off into the depths with a 6 foot gaff and lure. The $100 fish that never made it to the dinner table…

Just after sunset we pull aboard a small Dorado. He’s on the barbecue within 15 minutes. Perfect. 

Day 2 – A whole lot of nothing 

(By Ben)

A small rainstorm hits us in the middle of the night. The boat get’s a good wash down. Ten knots of wind just of the bow and we’re making 6+ knots. The wind packs it in by noon the next day. Now we have a flat calm ocean with nothing but a gentle rolling swell. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect passage. 

Had a chat on the VHF radio with another boat that we’ve been pacing alongside with. The ONLY OTHER BOAT IN THE ATLANTIC. They were wondering about weather. Thankfully, Ashley has our satellite phone connected to be able to pull down the latest weather data. We’ll be seeing between 5 and zero knots of wind for the next three days. Bring out the iron jenny!

Passage life is an odd life. A rewarding one. But odd. It takes a couple days to get into it. But once you’re in the swing of it, it’s kinda fun. You slip into somewhat of a biphasic sleep cycle. We do five hour shifts during the night. During the day we nap as we please. No rules. No society to dictate when you must get up and go to sleep. It’s very different out here.

The last few days in the Bahamas. Making the most of it…



The Bahamian Defence Force paid us a visit on our last day. Searched our boat. Checked our paperwork. Made some awkward small talk. Then moved onto the next boat in the anchorage. Not sure if they were looking for something or just practicing.


Templating the new windshield which was to be completed just hours prior to our departure. I think she finished sewing at 4am.




Middle of nowhere and a cruise ship passes close by.



Dinner just after sunset. Yes!



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March 21, 2016

Love it!
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