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Day 10 – Half Way. HALF WAY!

Conditions: Confused seas this morning gave way to a more gentle ride in the afternoon. There’s nothing worse than short steep waves. Forty knots of wind, no problem. Big huge rolling swell, no worries. Short steep 1-6 foot chop. Barf. Persons aboard: I wish three. Kind of ran out of stories and no one else to talk to. We’ll just have to make up some stories. Fish count: One nice size skip jack tuna.
(Ash) Ok, so here is a secret about my lovely husband from half way across the pacific (I checked with him, I am allowed to spill this one). Ben has a tendency to enjoy awesomely bad movies, shot in awesomely tropical locations, with adventure, romantic, comedy twists. (noticed I avoided putting rom and com together there ;P). Well, to the point. One of those movies takes place in French Polynesia (fitting because thats where we are headed!), it stars Harrison Ford and David Schwimmer. It never won an award. It never should have. It is awesome, awesome bad. At some point a plane crashes half way to a destination and Anne Hesh yells about being half way. Watch it, you’ll get it. It’s called Six Days, Seven Nights. Today we were half way :). HALF WAY!. Only 1440 more nautical miles to go. Are we there yet?
Seriously though, feels amazing to be half way! So excited. Next milestone is the 1000nm mark. Baby steps. But seriously, ONLY 9ish days to go! … I think… sigh.
PS caught a huge skipjack tuna today. Way too much skipjack for us. Hmmm funny somewhere along the line we became tuna snobs. Don’t get me wrong. Skipjack is good, but yellowfin is better and that fish was way to much skipjack. But good to know there are still some fish in the sea.
(Ben) The days are melding together. We just go through our routine. Get up. Get on shift. Watch a movie. Workout. Chill out. Take a nap. Do whatever. It’s odd. It’s great. With no outside reference, things just kinda meld into one continous space.

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May 8, 2017

Six Days, Seven Nights is a great movie. I may just have to watch it tonight! Glad you guys are making great progress.


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