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Day 11 – Mid Ocean Babble

Conditions: 10 – 15 knots. Had our Code Zero (light wind sail) up most of the day. It’s a downwind sleigh ride. Persons aboard: Two. One male. One female. Fish count: Made a sweet new lure out of a Laphroaig scotch cork. Looks like it works great. I mean, hasn’t caught anything yet but putting off a nice trail of bubbles.
(Ash) Today I made Banana bread. It was requested. So was the batter (ben loves banana batter. He loves all batter, but especially banana batter). I think it took me forever to make this bread. No idea why. I also baked some beets and roasted nuts and coconut and washed all the dishes and … I dunno… But I finally had the chance to sit down… Now what. HA. Well maybe its almost nap time. Maybe I’ll write in the blog.
There was actually ulterior motive for the banana bread if truth be told. I made a deal. Or I negotiated a deal is probably more of an accurate statement. Banana bread for hair removal. No, I didn’t dare try and have the chops removed. And no, get your mind out of the gutter. I traded Ben Banana bread for nose/ear/eyebrow hair trimming (his not mine). It worked he is beautiful and I think all parties involved felt it a fair trade.
Today we switched time zones. We did it when we wanted, and not in the friggin middle of the night, so you forget all about it and inevitably are either late or early for something… And magically we had 2 extra hours today… Good thing, I needed it for the Banana Bread.
Funny after 10 days out here, I can ramble for ever… but really NOT MUCH HAPPENS! No fish to report today. Not for lack of trying, we (well Ben) had the entire fishing selection out today and he was making lures and building small villages with lures and inspecting lures and I have no idea what he did, but it took him hours! Man stuff.
(Ben) She changed the time on me today by two hours. Now everything is capital F’d in our little world. Sun went down before 6pm. Perhaps she was a bit eager with TWO hours. One would have sufficed. But I’m just the captain. I don’t have much say in these matters.
Downloaded new weather and it looks like it might get windy next week. The south east trades winds seem to be filling in and they’re calling for low to mid 20 knots by early next week.
Funny coincidence. Went to the barber today. He had the same name as me. Did an outstanding job. Chiseled my chops, nostrils and eyebrows.
I think I spent four hours arranging, cleaning, sharpening and re-arranging my fishing kit today. It was great. Ashley baked and I played with hooks. She talked about the size of the eggs she was baking with. I countered with the size of the fishing hooks I was fishing with. I think we have something in common.

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May 9, 2017

Laphroaig is definitely my favorite Scotch! Perfect for the Ocean. Good luck with the new lures.


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