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Day 12 – Course Change

Conditions: MIXED BAG. Clouds, Mild Squall, wind, no wind, a sprinkle of rain, finally a downpoor. Persons aboard: Deux. Un Monsieur. Un Mademoiselle. Fun fact: We’re entering a land where they speak French (french Polynesia).ir Ashley tells me she’s been practicing her french on the toilet. Out loud. Fish count: Two Mahi Mahi. Had three on but the Admiral lost one. The homemade scotch cork lure works. I may take out a patent on this lure.
(Ash) Course change. Destination is now Hiva Oa. Originally we had planned to head to Fatu Hiva, the southern most island in the Marqueses chain. This would have left us with a nice downwind reach to Hiva Oa and the rest of the Marquesas Islands. Unfortunately, we heard news… yeah we get cruiser emails and they get cruiser emails and we send cruiser emails… its cruiser gossip … anyway we heard news that a bunch of the boats had gotten fines for heading to Fatu Hiva before checking in (Yeah that was our original plan – hey, it worked in the San Blas!). Soooo…. since we are cheap little guys and dont have money to burn on fines and who knows what other red tape… Hiva Oa here we come!! Wooot… Good thing it really isnt any further so all our calculations still stand and we will be legal and I’ll be able to relax :).
(Ben) I get so confused with the names of the islands in the Marquesas. There is Fatu Hiva. Hiva Oa. Nuka Hiva. They are constantly mixing up the first and last names and jamming them together. Been reading a tour guide of the South Pacific last few days. I think we’re in for a real treat. It IS actually that picture on the front of that travel brochure. Utopia.
Bit of a wild night tonight. Squall after squall. Each packing a bit of a punch. We now double reefed and the genoa mostly put away. Why does this always happens at night? Tiring.
Just for the record. I kept that scotch lure from a long time ago. I have not been “scotching” on night shift. I would positively pass a Breathalyzer.

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Sean Reeder
May 9, 2017

I’m sure the pictures of French Polynesia, as beautiful as they are, do not even come close to what you are in store for…… #dreamin’, #someday…


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