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Day 14 – Chores

Conditions: Waves, waves, waves, squalls and fickle winds. Conditions must be better today, we did chores. Day 14 was officially our slowest day of the trip so far. Only 140nm covered in the last 24hr. Persons aboard: 2 clean sailors Fish count: Does chicken count? Steak fajitas anyone? Just to be clear, this does not reflect on the captains fishing abilities. The fish are in a funk.
(Ben) Sharpened my knives today. Seemed like a good idea. What could go wrong? Big swell. Knives flying around. I think I still have all my digits. Ready to filet all those fish coming my way minutes from now.
I have officially run out of things to talk about. My mind is a vacuum.
(Ash) So it seems I caused a problem in Panama, I stuffed my freezer so full that I couldn’t get anything out of the bottom half of it. Like literally… stuck. A frozen block of food. I have been ignoring it and we have been eating vegetarian/pescatarian… since panama. No joke. I finally decided that I wanted chicken tonight and that meant tackling the freezer. I tried and I tried and I called Ben for his muscle. He couldn’t get it either and was swearing at me as he went for his mini sledge hammer and chisel. No joke. I was worried he would break the freezer so I went for the woman tools – butter knife and wooden spoon – much safer. Finally one piece came free and that led to another and well phewf. The food is accessible again in the freezer. My wooden spoon didn’t make it… Big day… Problem is the bleep-ing freezer that was no where near full is now full again. Apparently I didn’t put the puzzle back together in quite the same way. The bane of my existence.
Oh this big day also involved laundry. Yup, officially disgusted with my clothes. It seems I wear only a couple things out here. Lululemon shorts, tanks and bathing suits. That’s it. Feels good to have clean clothes again. Even managed to dry it without it getting too salty. Second huge win for the day.
Okay… so we have been a bit whiny… okaaay, a little bit was justified… But in fact, things are pretty good all things considered! We are getting closer to the destination every day, I have gotten back into a little yoga in the mornings after a few day hiatus and its nice. Ben is working out every morning too. Food is still good and we still have vegetables, and chocolate and tea for night shift. Hot showers daily due to running the engines and a beautiful full moon lighting up the sky at the moment. I mean what else could we ask for :).
PS. As of 0400 Wed May 10 – Day 14.5 – Only 650nm to go! Click on the track us link – top right – if you want to see where we are exactly!

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May 11, 2017

you guys look really close when i zoom out on the map page 🙂 hope that makes you feel better. Mean that in a really good way.


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