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Day 15 – Mr Fix It

Conditions: Better! Still a huge swell, a million sail changes with fickle wind, but so much better! Except why oh why are there always huge squalls at dinner time? Persons aboard: Haven’t checked in a while. Could you imagine if we found a stowaway. That would be so cool at this point! Fish count: We’re seconds away from having to jump into the fighting chair. I can smell that 50 pound yellowfin tuna circling us. It’s a distinct smell. We’ll have to make this post brief. Excuse the brevity.
(Ben) I really don’t have anything to report since yesterday. There’s just a whole lot of blue and us. Us bobbing around this ocean like a cork.
Haven’t even seen any garbage float by. The other day we saw some plastic coke bottles float by. Oh my. That was some excitement. “Where did they come from? Do you think they’re from a yacht in front of us?” The other day we actually diverted to check out this red piece of garbage. It was a red jerry can. Again, an endless conversation starter. “Could you imagine if that had been a dead person in a red life jacket? What would we have done? Would you have hoisted him aboard?” Probably not a good idea to arrive in a foreign country with a corpse aboard.
Ok we’ll, chat tomorrow. I think this is about as much stimulation my brain can handle for the day.
(Ash) Ben fixed the fridge latch today. For 2 weeks and almost 2 days now, the fridge has been popping open. Well in actual fact this has been happening for way longer, but the rough seas had the darn thing popping open, All. The. Time. “Pop” you know when you know exactly what a sound means. Well “pop” and we would both groan. Stumble/stagger to the fridge AGAIN and close the darn thing. It was rough again this morning. Shocking I know. Thankfully he was on the outside of the Helm seat when the fridge popped and I groaned. The outside is the official you have to get up and deal with it side :). So off he went to close it. I guess that was the last straw. I look over 2 seconds later and poof the handle was in pieces. More tools came out. Bits buckets with spare doo dads were in hand. Thoughts were running thorough my head: ‘okay so I wonder if we have duct tape in case this doesn’t go back together so well’, ‘I wonder where we would tie the rope in case the handle never latches again’… and more along these lines. If he ONLY knew what I was thinking. Well I of course had nothing to worry about and the fridge latch is better than new… or rather probably as good as new! Yay! HUGE WIN! Thanks my lovely husband.

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