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Day 19 – Land Ho!

Conditions: Eerily calm. We are at anchor! Persons aboard: Can you believe it? There are still two persons aboard! No, seriously. No stowaways found to date. And, the knives stayed in the cupboard the entire time. Except when there was fish to slay. Fish count: Ben retired from his fishing career after that big one. Already there are rumors flying about that he may come out of retirement once the freezer empties a bit.
(Ash) We made it! We are anchored in the Bay of Virgins (aka. the Bay of Penis’, aka. Hanavave) on Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia. There are not words to describe the beauty of this place. It is serene, magical and for us a utopia. The mountains and pillars soar from the sea covered in lush tropical greenery. There are no less than 5 waterfalls falling into the bay. The water is a deep blue, crystal clear. I am in awe to be here. We have sailed across the Pacific Ocean. It’s a dream come true.
(Ben) The cliffs rage out of the ocean up into the clouds. Waterfalls gush in every direction. It is lush green wherever you look. This could be a page from Captain Cooks diary. I do however have my lovely crew, quarter master and admiral sitting by my side and am so hugely proud of the performance that was rendered over the past weeks. What an experience to cross an ocean. To use wind to sail across it. To battle squalls, fatigue and sleep deprivation for weeks on end. It will test any team and show their true colors. Yes, we squabbled over nutella, chocolate and a few other things. There was indeed a serious mutiny in the making at one point. But in the end, when we were at our battle stations when the squalls kept coming. It’s a great feeling to have a partner you can depend on no matter what you come across.
We had our first five minutes of internet yesterday and then promptly lost it. But we were able to download most of our email. Thank You so much for your comments. Thank you for your emails. We will respond to each once we get online. We love sharing our journey and love it even more when we get to take you along for the ride.
Land is a bit odd right now. There’s people that smile and talk to you. And that stuff under your feet doesn’t move. What a great invention.
We will be hanging out in the Marquesas for a few weeks before heading to the Tuamotu Archipelago. More videos will be coming online as we find internet. Right now we’re going to get some serious shut-eye.
Thanks Again from crew Nahoa

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