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Day 2 – Anxious Boredom

Passage Bahamas to USA – Northern Bahamas to Somewhere in the Atlantic

I am uncertain where the day went today. It just sort of passed as we tried to stay cool in fickle winds. It seems a case of lethargy has struck this vessel. What we thought was going to be a brisk sail home in 20 to 25 knots is turning into a drift and motor operation. But then the wind picked quickly picked up towards the end of the day.

The daylight faded as we sailed on a comfortable beam reach sometimes making 8 knots over ground. Respectable. Ashley made her, now famous, jerk chicken. It was civilized – a sit down meal complete with napkins and (paper) plates not blowing away.

First shift was mine. 10 till 3am. We’ve sailed boats before at night. Long distance races at home. But this seemed and felt different. This was our own boat. Our responsibility. Our problem if the weather blew up. I sat about restlessly for a while. Checking the course. Watching for other boats. Scanning the horizon for clouds. Excitement and nerves quickly turned into restless boredom as I realized there is nothing out here. No boats. No freighters. No sign of civilization. Out came the laptop and a slew of movies.

At one point I was startled by something flopping about on the cockpit floor beside me. An unfortunate flying fish had flown a little too high and was now gasping for air. Begging for me to throw it back in. And so I did. 

Fish tally: One stinky barracuda. That’s all neptune was willing to offer up on our second day out at sea. We tossed him back hoping Neptune will take notice.











Paul Cyr
July 13, 2015

OMG yes, I’m reading it too!! My stomach is in knots (no pun intended) and my heart’s racing just thinking about being out there alone on the water. You two are my heros, seriously!! Can you please put dates on your posts? I don’t seem to see it anywhere. Btw, Ashley, I’m in Rotterdam this week… sure that brings back some mems for you 🙂 I hope our travels cross at some point the near future and I get to visit you on the boat.


    July 17, 2015

    Mr Cyr. Is that the preferred name you go by? Thanks for the tip on the dates. That will get us a ton more readers. Can’t believe we didn’t have dates on our posts.

    By the way, do you do Instagram? I Do instagram. You tried insta message? Insta msg me. What’s your instagram handle?


July 10, 2015

Thanks you two. Didn’t see much floating debris except a ton of seaweed. Carpets and carpets of it. So bad we couldn’t keep it off the lures. So…too much floating debris!


Becky & Kit
July 10, 2015

Hey guys, there are people reading this at least two! Even if no one leaves a comment! If you find any floating debris out there it might be worth a troll or two by. The Dorado love that stuff.


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