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Days 3 & 4 – Time Warp

Passage Bahamas to USA -Somewhere in the Atlantic to Somewhere More North in the Atlantic

As I get out of bed this morning I find Ashley conversing with a swallow in the galley. They’d already introduced each other. His name was Chirp. He’d spent the evening with us yesterday watching the sunset. So when he paid us another visit this morning we were all more comfortable with each other. So much so that he took a liking to the inside of our boat. I don’t blame him. It’s pretty spacious. Chirp found various perches in the Saloon. Then my office and finally the clothes on top of Ashley’s closet. He was testing our boundaries so at one point I had to lay down the law. I kicked him out into the cockpit. He didn’t seem to mind much. 

Ashley makes amazing banana bread. It’s to die for. Just before she went off shift she pulled the loaf out of the oven. Burnt. Shucks. (I’ll eat it anyways.) And that’s when Chirp came back. I found him sitting on my wife’s burnt banana bread. You Do Not sit on my wife’s burnt baking. After a short chase around the boat he was kicked out for a second time. What a rude house guest!

Chirp spent the rest of the day defecating on various parts of our vessel. And although we were somewhat annoyed, I noticed him getting weaker and weaker. That’s when I admitted him to the hospital and started feeding him water. It didn’t take long before Chirp left us. He closed his eyes and went rigor mortis. Poor guy. If only I’d know he was not feeling well. I would have given him more of that Banana loaf.

The fish tally remains at one Barracuda. I’m somewhat in disbelief. Ashley is questioning my fishing skills. I’m questioning the content of this ocean or lack thereof. I’ve now cycled thru my entire lure collection. I have stood there jigging my rod giving the lure more action. I have spoken softly to my lures prior to splashing them. I am not convinced the problem lies with the fisherman.



If you know Ashley even remotely you’d know she suffers from one addiction – Yes, we carry ice cream.


Birds being birds. That ain’t a landing strip.



Our favourite sail in our inventory. Catamarans suck sailing downwind without this. A Parasailor or spin is a must have on a cat.

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bahamas_usa_passage_day4- - 3

bahamas_usa_passage_day4- - 5

bahamas_usa_passage_day4- - 6

bahamas_usa_passage_day4- - 7

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