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Day 4 – Cranking Out The Miles

Day 4: Conditions: Had a fantastic run the last 24 hours seeing winds up to 18 knots. 8-10 knots of boat speed. We hope this is signs of things to come once we get further south in the stronger trade winds. Covered 190nm in last 24hr, that is close to a record for us! Persons aboard: Still two Fish: Didn’t fish much today. Fished out after last catches.
(Ben) There’s one thing about passages that is always the same: Food. Chow. Calories. Call it what you will. You go from having finished one meal to starting to think about the next. There’s treats that we’ve specifically bought for passages. I find myself constantly stuffing my face. Be it candy, fruit, wasabi nuts (amazing), peanuts, hot chocolate, cold chocolate. You’d think we’d be obese by the time we arrive. But with the constant motion of the boat and us holding on or balancing seems to make a difference. It’s a constant full body work out.
Squid collections continue. Every morning we find half a dozen squid stranded on our decks. Half dried out having spurted the last of their ink onto our white gelcoat. Initially we would go around with bbq tongs and toss them overboard. I have now secretly started saving them in a lil ziplock with salt brine. Hidden deep in the fridge away from the Admirals eyes. A possible fishing trick up my sleeve for tomorrow.
So about that no-booze rule….I walk into the kitchen today and find a cold beer sitting on the counter. I suppose Ashley had cleaned out the fridge and found it and left it there. Perhaps a test? Well if there is ever an invitation to have a beer, I think this is it. As luck would have it, the beer was still sitting there as Ash went off shift. Well lo and behold, it opened itself and made it down my throat. With the evidence well hidden I celebrated my one-beer victory only to have a “discussion” the next day of where that beer went. “I dont’ know. Must have walked itself off the boat.”
(Ash) In the swing of things now. Feels great to have a huge day with lots of miles tucked under us… still a little ways to go yet though.
About the food. We love food, and eat somewhat amazing meals on passage due to the fresh fish and the fact you have time to prepare and make things…
But then there are the treats. Ben has his treats and I have mine. They are specific. I like chocolate… period… I found some amazing Ecuadorian fancy chocolate… but we certainly have a lot of chocolate on board!
Ben likes salt and sugar. As a child it seems Ben may have been deprived of the sugary candy that some of us got to binge on from time to time (I am not saying this is bad… it’s actually impressive, but it is a fact). Either due to this deprivation or just the fact that Ben loves sugar, you wouldn’t believe the sugar bombs this man consumes! Nerds (always make me think of Michelle, miss you guys!), starburst, sweet tarts, gummy anything, sour gummy anything, you name it… we probably have it.
But contrary to the way it sounds we have been eating super healthy! Probably because we stock pile the fruit and veg before leaving on trips like this and its interesting to watch what is starting to go and what you have to eat next. There will be no scurvy on this boat. We have even had smoothies every morning! Current favourite: Apple/pear, mint, spinach, banana, pineapple, lime, coco h2o… or some variation of above… SO AWESOME. Just have to watch the blender doesn’t tip over in the waves. I was actually quite shocked with all of the amazing fresh things I was able to find when we left Santa Cruz. It was super lucky. As goes with many remote places, some weeks they have things and others nothing. Like nothing at all! No mint, no lettuce, hell no on the spinach… I really felt like I won the lottery this past week! Oh another thing I have rediscovered on this passage is nutella. It is amazing. I like it dabbed on banana or even on a rice cake… and btw it is a requirement that the knife be licked clean ;).

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June 6, 2017

salt and sugar is the best…hence sea salted caramel


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