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Day 6 – Shifts Shifts Shifts.

Conditions: Wind has filled in. White caps everywhere. 18 knots on the port quarter. Absolutely gorgeous sailing. Screaming along on a broad reach. Life is good. Had a few squalls this morning. Nothing with much punch to it. Just a bit of rain. Persons aboard: Still two. Fish count: I don’t want to talk about it.
(Ash) We work shifts at night on this boat. At least one person is up all of the time. We run two shifts at night. First is from 2100 to 0200 and the second from 0200 to 0700. Both have their perks. Both have drawbacks so we switch it up. Previously we have switched every other night, but this time (longer passage) we are doing 3 days of one before switching.
Currently I am on the early morning shift and it is pretty awesome. Oh don’t get me wrong, getting up at 2 am is hard, but then once you’re up and have some tea, watch the stars for a bit, life gets easier. The time at sunrise is pretty special too and makes up for the 2am rise. Ben and I have both been taking advantage of this early morning shift for a little yoga. Its brilliant, sunrise yoga.
But then I do like the early night shift, usually you get to sleep a little past 0700 and so you get a bit extra sleep all in a row and that is awesome. You wake up to the sunshine and it feels like a bit more normal of a day. During these shifts is usually when you get to do a bit more movie watching. Also right now the beautiful sliver of a moon is out early so you get that boost of moonlight.
Dont get me wrong though, one of the other great things about passages is the naps. They are expected and for once encouraged and allowed 😉
(Ben) Walked the decks this morning and nothing. Not a single squid. But not to worry. I pulled out my little baggy of brined squid and now have three baited hooks trailing out the back. Still working on that Wahoo that Ashley ordered yesterday.
We evidently have our sea legs under us. The boat is rolling and pitching. Our bodies have become used to it and have both taken on yoga this passage. Partially for sanity. Partially to keep the body limber. You rock forward and back on your feet trying to keep your balance. You hold on in certain poses. And you land on your ass at times.

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May 3, 2017

I’m rocking just reading this post.
Happy sailing, yogaing, eating, seeping, fishing, cooking, eating 🙂
Ash – tea?


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