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Day 7 – Is Anybody Out There?

Conditions: A gentle 10 knots. The sun is shining. The stereo is blasting The Best Of The Eagles and french toast is appearing out of the galley. A grand morning. Persons aboard: Two for the time being. Fish count: Caught two flying fish on the trampoline last night. I know. That doesn’t count as “fish” but they were promptly rigged with J-hooks wings spread wide. It’s just minutes till we get a hit now. Had to turn my back to the sea while rigging in fear of getting hit by a monster marlin.
(Ben) We lost our buddy boat overnight. Not like LOST AT SEA lost. But they headed northward. We’re on a more southerly course.
Woke this morning to feeling inspired. That transpired into tackling a growing mold problem on the port side ceilings. An hour later and bathed in sweat I finished bleach wiping all the ceilings. This captain ain’t without skills.
Galapagos videos are done after a marathon editing session the last few nights. We had the premier last evening. The animals are fantastic there. Just awesome. Each species seems to have it’s own personality. Now we just need to find some internets to upload. Seems them internet is getting sparser the further we get off the beaten path. Last video came up partially via cell phone data. Not our preferred method as it costs a tidbit to constantly be buying more data.
Twenty minutes after dropping in the flying fish I notice the rod has gone limp. Sure enough, the flying fish has disappeared. Must have been that sneaky marlin extracting it from the firmly planted J hook. They seem to outsmart me at every turn.
Ashley’s (illegal) Nutella habits continue. She threatened to put it on her french toast this morning. That’s ok. I’ll start digging into her pickles soon. Fair is fair right? We should have all out war by tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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