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Day 8 – Blustery & Rough

Conditions: 18 to 23 knots. Overcast. It’s rough out. The oceans are confused. Waves coming from three directions. We’re getting wave slap underneath this cat causing the entire saloon table to bounce up a couple inches. It’s loud. Boom! KaBoom!! Sleep comes in spurts when one is too tired to care about being bounced around in bed. Persons aboard: Most definitely two. Fish count: One Mahi Mahi. Dinner for two. Maybe four.
(Ben) First time we’ve reefed (reduced sail) on this trip. We saw the wind piping up on the forecast and were looking forward to it. In the last 24 hours we’ve covered 185 nautical miles. That’s respectable. Our buddy boat SO WHAT is to the north west of us now. They’ve taken off with this increase in wind. Lighter, faster catamaran.
Lost at scrabble today. Don’t think I’ll play for a while again.
Maybe it’s become a tradition. I’m not sure. But every passage the captain seems to turn up with some new facial hair. Late yesterday the capt’n came on deck with chops. You know, real side burns that are nice and meaty. All the way down to the chin. Seafarer chops. I think I’m already getting more respect from my crew. Now I just have to wait a couple more weeks for them to fill in nicely.
(Ash) Ben my lovely seafarer has decided on chops for this passages facial hair experiment. He claims all of the seafarers had chops. Of course I had to turn to the experts to see if this statement is factual. It is my conclusion it is not. I have deduced this from the amazing accuracy of seafarers in Horatio Hornblower and the new to our repertoire racy Black Sails TV series.
PS. I think my pickles are safe. Idle threat. Ben doesn’t like anything pickled unless it is floating/sinking in a Caesar (canadian version of bloody mary – read Clamato juice – and in my opinion much better!) We are a dry boat on passage… cough… except for that one beer. PPS. If you havent seen Horatio Hornblower, you are missing out. He is dreamy. Highly recommend watching it. Probably best watching it with a Caesar in hand.. or perhaps rather a bottle of rum.

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